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Ethos remains an important form of persuasion when speaking or communicating with an audience. The writer of the paper "Using Ethos In Designing Of Websites" discusses how web designers use ethos to persuade their audiences and prove their credibility…
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Using Ethos In Designing Of Websites
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Using Ethos In Designing Of Websites
Ethos remains an important form of persuasion when speaking or communicating to an audience. Ethos concentrates on the character of the speaker or credibility (Anders 1). An audience judges a proposition as true and acceptable if it is credible. Many web designers use ethos to persuade their audiences and prove their credibility. An example of a website that uses ethos to appeal to its audience is the Basecamp website at
The website for project management tool, Basecamp uses Ethos to appeal to its customers by showing its credibility. The website shows a picture of two men talking to each other. One man asks the other, “How did you get that project done without losing your mind?” The second man Answers, “BASECAMP, we love it.” The answer from the second man proofs that the website is credible and reliable in project management. There is also bold sentence on the website that shows that last year alone, the website helped over 285,000 companies complete more than 2 million projects.
When navigating through the website one realizes that Basecamp marketing site builds credibility for their products and services by listing prominent customers that depend on the company to finish their projects. The method appeals to new customers who will trust and believe that the company will also give them good products and services. The website underlines and bolds statements such as “Millions of people” use Basecamp. Indication of strong and trustworthy customer base helps the website to build credibility among other people especially new clients. The website also shows that the company’s software for doing project management can operate on a variety of operating systems both on computers and smart phones. Customers will thus, understand that the information is true and credible. The website continues to appeal to customers by putting videos of important customers explaining what they like about Basecamp. It is clear that Basecamp marketing website appeals to ethos.
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Ethos Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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