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Medical Information From Websites - Essay Example

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This paper “Medical information from websites” will examine three websites that offer information on medical information, and if they follow the needed protocol to give information to the public. The medical field, there are principles that websites need to abide…
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Medical Information From Websites
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Extract of sample "Medical Information From Websites"

Download file to see previous pages Many folks search the internet to know more on some of their concerns in terms of health (Miller & Pellen, 2006). Symptoms are searched to see if one might be suffering from something, and the information gathered makes them conclude they need help. This paper will examine three websites that offer information on medical information, and if they follow the needed protocol to give information to the public. In the medical field, there are principles that websites need to abide by before they can say they are capable of offering medical information. In this case, the HONcode is used by these services to give people in need of information on medical issues some assistance. Individuals, more often than not, need guidance before they can access this information (Miller & Pellen, 2006). These websites should provide the right avenue in which they can do this. The HONcode certifies the measures in place that can assist in knowing the credibility of these medical websites. For the HONcode to be used, the websites need to be registered with it before they can claim to follow the principles it uses. In the first website, the WebMD focuses on giving users an overview into some of the most common issues that affect them daily. The HONcode has eight criteria that ensure the website is following some of its principles while providing information to users. In the first criterion, the website immediately stamps its authority. This is through revealing its authors and medical personnel involved in helping run the website. There is a section where their views on critical health issues are offered. It is also complementary. They offer individuals information. They, however, do not advice folks on the medical treatment they need. It, therefore, does not replace the doctor-patient factor. The privacy factor is also upheld through the process of signing in to get personal attention. This is through their privacy policy at the sign in feature. Moreover, published information from other medical personnel is available to users. If one gets to sign in, the problems they exhibit can be backed up by other works, for example, medical journals. Through their sponsor policy, the website can justify their performance over the recent past, hence; provide a user with the ultimatum to continue with the search. Their focus on being transparent is seen in the form of clear contact details about their professionals, and where they can be found. Also, the website’s funding is addressed in the sponsor policy and how many groups are involved. Advertising through the website is also possible. All websites need to clearly advertise the products they have, and any group that is advertising through them is identified. However, they do this away from the editorial section. In the next website,, the HONcode principles are also exhibited. In a section for their professionals, the website stamps its authority. Their qualifications are found in this section, which enables the user to feel at ease with the use of the website. The complementary aspect of the website is not brought out because; they do offer medical advice. This is through diagnosing the symptoms an individual has through professional assistance. Privacy is also another issue individuals are concerned with whenever they decide to sign up with such websites. However, in this website, there is the assurance of privacy through the privacy policy they have before admittance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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