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Specifically, information related to health issues has become vital to share in the contemporary world. Internet and the World Wide Web have significantly aided this…
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Website Evaulation of American Cancer Society
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Website Evaluation of American Cancer Society Affiliation: Health-related technologies have advanced alongside those of other sectors in many countries around the world. Specifically, information related to health issues has become vital to share in the contemporary world. Internet and the World Wide Web have significantly aided this process, allowing for faster access to health information and online health services. Sensitization on specific health issues like cancer has taken the focal point in this realization. The American Cancer Society is one of the many websites that operate on this basis.
Evaluation of the website
The American Cancer Society website can be evaluated on a number of factors, all of which are central to the operations, purpose and objective of the website. These factors include: authority, information, objectivity, ease of navigation, privacy and security policies (Harmon, J. et al., 2010). Authority is defined by the underlying permissions and operational approval that guide the website. The website is meant to reach out to all stakeholders outlined in the objectives of setting up the website. The website is however subject to communications and internet laws and regulations. The monitoring and regulation is set to ensure that the power and authority jurisdiction of the website is not taken outside the set limits.
The website is rich in information about cancer and related health issues. Information that pertains to every activity undertaken by the American Cancer Society is displayed on the home page. Research and development undertakings in relation to cancer are outlined. There are also links to external information of central importance to all parties interested in learning about cancer and related health issues.
Objectivity factor of the website is an interesting scenario. The presentation made on the website in relation to the undertakings of the American Cancer Society is primarily based on phenomena observed in the health sector. Emotional and/or personal prejudices do not seem to influence the intended purpose and objective of the website. However, views and opinions at personal level are taken through the website to enhance further development and responsiveness of American Cancer Society to cancer and other health issues.
The website’s set up is development in such a way that best suits the user. Navigation from one link to another is clearly outlined. At the lower part of the web page, there are numerous quick links that are specific to the information that will be pulled up when the user clicks on that link. The page is simply developed, with clear outline of all the information and services available through the website.
Finally, privacy and security policies are of primary importance in this evaluation. They apply both at both offline and online modes, and are divided into offline and internet policies. The website provides a commitment statement to the privacy and security of website access. Contact, demographic, health, financial, research and other information is covered by these policies to the interest of all stakeholders (Irvin, Flemming & Pogue, 2009). Restrictions and protection of information made available to the society through the website is observed, as provided for by the policies. Rights of all stakeholders are the central focus of the policies. Emergency contacts are provided on the website in case more information is required, as well as for reporting problems realized while on the website.
Empirical Evidence
The website as this empirical evidence will determine. The website’s position is strategic in the contemporary world. It is informed by technological advancement, meaning that it has been developed to account for modern times of information passing, communication and service offering (NCRA, 2008). The website highlights one of the most critical health issues. It evaluates and assesses the past and present trends in cancer, outlining significant improvements and medical interventions therein (NCRA, 2008). It is an efficient means through which all the stakeholders involved are interrelated by a common forum of interaction. Its information is available within and without the society’s borders. The outline of cancer research and development enables the society to mobilize funds beyond borders.
Application to Nursing Practice
Application of information found on the internet to nursing practices takes an evaluative form of application. This is to ensure that the information is reliable and up to date. Professional nurses can use such information to identify the most current care giving procedures in nursing patients. The nurses can also use the information to determine the progress of cancer treatment, and also learn about the most current research developments in the same field. Finally, professional nurses can use the website and the information therein to get employment opportunities available, as well as learn about voluntary programmes that they can take part in.
In conclusion, vast information about cancer and other health issues is made available through the website. The time to time database update and upgrade keeps all the stakeholders posted on health matters. The website provides an interactive ground within and without borders. This enhances information sharing globally, since internet is fast and effective.
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Treatment and Recovery. New York: American Cancer Society, pp.368.
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