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My Old Neighborhood - Essay Example

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Not only does the transformations involve activities closely associated with the daily living but also involves other external factors such as change in…
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My Old Neighborhood
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Extract of sample "My Old Neighborhood"

Download file to see previous pages To start with, few years ago I went back to Benzie County found in Michigan State. This is where I grew up and made a lot of childhood friends. As I walked through the town from the train station, I saw various buildings that reminded me of my childhood age. Surprisingly, I bumped on one of my childhood friends by the name Christine, who worked at a law firm that was closely located to the train station. As the fate would have it, we got into a nearby restaurant where we shared a lot about our current lives and our childhood memories. Since Christine took up a job in Benzie County after completion of college education, she had seen a lot of transformation that took place in the county over the years. She enlightened me about other childhood friends who also decided to stay in Benzie County and also about political transformations that shaped the evident changes in the county.
However, the stories by Christine were not striking compared to what I saw since I related what I saw to the memories of my childhood period. Firstly, as I was heading to the estate where I actually lived with my parents, I recounted how the tarmac road was well maintained by the local authority and plenty of vegetations were planted by the road side through a beautification program that was initiated by the then county clerk of Benzie County. In most weekends during my childhood, I spend my afternoons with my friends, at a section of the road that was not commonly used by vehicles, while skating. The reasons for using the section of the road were that the smooth surface was essential for good skating and there was an attractive atmosphere, which was cool because of the water used to irrigate flowers planted by the road.
Apart from the road where I frequented for the skating sessions, there was a well kept playground located near our estate. The field was very attractive due to the presence of green vegetation at the edges and well trimmed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Old Neighborhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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