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Analysis of drama with critical approaches to literature - Essay Example

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Much difference exists as for the created stories of tragedies by the authors and the tragedy in the real sense of the term, reading which each and every molecule of the reader gets surcharged, and shares the emotions…
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Analysis of drama with critical approaches to literature
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Download file to see previous pages In such cases each party in the court is totally involved, like the judge who has to pronounce the judgment, the lawyers arguing the case, the accused and his family members, the family members of the other party, the reporters of the print and electronic media etc. An agonizing and tension ridden atmosphere prevails in the courtroom. In “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles, Apollo prophesied Oedipus’ fate and communicated this knowledge by the time of his conception. As such, throughout his life the single-pointed aim of Oedipus was to challenge fate to undo the prophecy to save his life and in the process he destroyed/killed anyone who tried to obstruct him and finally ended his own life.
Sophocles has succeeded in creating such an atmosphere throughout the play in “Oedipus the King,” that demands total involvement of the viewers. One of the important God-given boons to a human being is the power of discrimination. On the other hand he is also the owner of his collective destinies. It is the bounden duty of the human being to go on doing actions, without intermission, as per one’s choices authorized by the power of discrimination. Once that is done, the outcome may be good, bad or worst. At the same time one is also constantly affected by the choices others make, with whom one has interactions. That was the case with Oedipus and as such he was the victim of the choices made for him by others. This happened right from the womb to the tomb and from the cradle to the grave and as such his actions were controlled by others, in addition to his own doings.
Whether Oedipus is a man of swift action or rash action is a matter of conjecture. For good or bad, he is a man of great insight. If his life is compared to a magnificent orchestra, he is also destined to carry a muffled drum along with him. He is a ruler par excellence who does in advance what his subjects need. He has the elements of devotion and destruction ingrained in his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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