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Improper handling of the waste may render the people living in the disposal sites, in a vulnerable position. The government should control the management of the waste disposal. The…
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Kino and Juanas reaction after finding the pearl
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Extract of sample "Kino and Juana's reaction after finding the pearl"

The environmental issues Question five Solid waste There are major threats posed to the health of the pubic as a result of the hazardous waste. Improper handling of the waste may render the people living in the disposal sites, in a vulnerable position. The government should control the management of the waste disposal. The construction of the landfill in the neighborhood would pose threats; therefore, it should face opposition. It would include the cost of treating the waste on the occasion that the land is to be used on other purposes. It is also a difficult task to ensure that nothing escapes in the disposal process. Waste treatment is hazardous should also get opposed in the neighborhood. The deep injector, as well as the waste incinerator, possess threats to humanity, therefore, should be opposed from being constructed in the society (Barrow 34).
Question eight
Solid waste strategies
There should be set up strategies to regulate the solid waste. One of the strategies is the location restriction. The strategy should ensure that the landfills get constructed in the most suitable areas. Another strategy is the operating practices. It incorporates the covering as well as compacting waste with soil to eliminate odor. There should also be the monitoring requirements on the ground water. The water should be tested constantly to ensure there is no escape of the waste materials from the landfills (Barrow 44).
Hazardous waste strategies
Among the strategies that should be used is the creation of public awareness on the waste strategies. Infrastructure should also be improved to hold hazardous waste. There should also be the establishment of the council to assess and also regulate toxic substances. The state should also take a major role towards the prevention of waste and use of toxic products by consumers.
Question 3
Water is a basic necessity of a man alongside being an economic good. Raising its cost means that people who earn low income will not manage to handle it and, therefore, raising the price of water should get opposed. Government subsidies that enhance farmers to access water at affordable prices should not get withdrawn since it will affect both the lives of farmers together with the economy of the state. Provision of government subsidies that will enhance efficiency in irrigation should be encouraged since it will improve people’s life as well as enhancing economic growth (Barrow 54).
Question 5 (floods)
There are various human activities that accelerate flooding. Blasting is one of the human activities that cause flooding. It results to landslides in hill and mountain slopes that may result in damming of streams and rivers. There should be regulations towards blasting activities and should be under the control of the local authorities. Another activity is the construction of dams that are temporal. It results to an impediment to the river flow hence an overflow. Temporal dams that disrupt the flow of rivers should not get constructed. Another activity that causes floods is the mismanagement of the hydraulic structures. The hydraulic structures should get managed with much care since if mishandled; they release much water that in turn causes flooding (Barrow 64).
Question 5
Use of DDT
According to scientists, there are adverse health effects that are as a result of using DDT as a method of malaria control and hence it should not get used. The available alternatives include; detection of malaria and use of drugs in its treatment, controlling mosquito lava with the use of chemical and non chemical means and the use of chemical substitutes to spray houses.
Question 8
Agricultural policies
There are various features that should be available in the agricultural policies. Increasing agricultural productivity through promotion of technical progress and optimum utilization of the production factors is one of the policies. The second policy is market stabilization while the third is the assurance of the supplies availability (Barrow 63).
Top soil erosion policies
There are various policies that can be put in place towards reducing the top soil erosion. Planting of trees on streams banks and hills is one of the policies. The second policy is fencing waterways and gullies so as to prevent stock from entering. Retiring all unproductive land and then plant it out is the third policy that can reduce top soil erosion (Barrow 71).
Policies on sustainable harvesting of fish
There should be the control of the populations of the species. They should get maintained in abundant numbers and responsible practices maintained in the fishing industry. The methods used in fishing should not interfere with natural habitats. Water pollution by people should also have control.
Policies on Pest control
The pest control policy should contain the sterilizing of the area. It also includes the quarantining of the area and lastly use of chemicals that are not toxic (Barrow 82).

Works cited
Barrow, Christopher J. Environmental Management and Development. New York: Routledge, 2005. Print. Read More
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