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Researched statics show that nearly five thousand beauty pageants are held on a yearly basis and averagely two hundred and fifty thousand contestants who participate are…
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English II db2
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Running Head: Beauty Pageants and Our Young Girls. According to the women’s news verified, beauty pageants have become a dominant of our modern culture. Researched statics show that nearly five thousand beauty pageants are held on a yearly basis and averagely two hundred and fifty thousand contestants who participate are children. Another set of statistics shows has shown six percent of those participating in beauty pageants have suffered from depression in a way or another (Women’s News, 2013). Reading these statistics makes me feel even more passionately strong and about the plight of children. It strengthens my personal opinion on children and their participation in beauty pageants. It is my strongest believe children should be given an opportunity to grow into responsible citizens who can make responsible decisions and change the future of our nations. The lives of children should not be filled with misery and depressing experiences which affect their development negatively.
According to one particular expert, “Beauty Pageants” encourage young girls not to be themselves. They are associated with an immense variety of negative psychological and social defects as well as inappropriate attentions (Kesley Rodriguez, 2013). By participating in such events as pageants at tender ages, young girls want to remain in a particular social class which they may not be able to sustain and as a result they have to overstretch in order to appear what they want to be. This is the beginning of social problems for these girls and the end results may not be good even though their intentions may not be bad. Scientific research points at a statistic of sixty percent the children beauty pageant contestants having psychological problems while the remaining forty percent are actually not happy during the event (Martina M. Cartright, 2006). This further shows negative aspects of children taking part in pageant contests.
It is the position of psychologists that one’s development is largely determined and shaped by the events which occurred in their early life during childhood. Beauty pageants lead to the individuals desiring to be absolutely perfect (Sigmund Freud, 2004). The young girl having been introduced to such tendency early in life will therefore lead the rest of her life wanting to appear more perfect than others and this may lead her to encounter relationship problems with others. According to Claire Lindsey (2013) beauty pageants for young girls encourage inappropriate and unhealthy tendencies. Physical harm accompanies their struggle for physical perfection e.g. the make hairsprays are not friendly to skin especially at tender ages.
Experts argue that when a young woman tends to dress provocatively and imitate the looks of women who are grownups in crowds then something must be terribly wrong. All these statistical data available on pageants events and their effects on young girls as well as expert psychological arguments on growth in relation to such events should serve a serious warning to those parents allowing their children to participate. The events have a very high potential of harming the development and dignity of our young girls (Kristina Loannou, 2011). The harmful effects can be permanent and as such make the rest of the girl child vulnerable to many antisocial tendencies as well as aggressions in the future. It is the responsible of government and parents to ensure sanity by allowing only mature women participate in such events.
In conclusion therefore our culture is constantly undergoing changes some which may not be desirable. Beauty pageants have increased with time and at the moment have become a dominant part of culture. An increasing number of underage girls are participating in these events even in the face of the many adverse effects that may be associated. Psychological problems, depression, antisocial behavior and the desire to be physically perfect are some of the issues associated with these events according to available statistics and expert opinion. Parents will do us good by not allowing their vulnerable young girls participate in these events.
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