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Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants - Coursework Example

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The paper "Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants" states that child beauty pageant industry has become a business more than a competition, and University Royalty is the prime promoter. Perhaps if the rules change the competitions could indeed be a healthy activity…
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Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants
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Extract of sample "Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants"

Download file to see previous pages Our firm believes that while they may be carried out with the best of motivation, their execution is one that is terribly flawed, and could be greatly detrimental to the well being of these children in the future, accompanied by the severe lack of laws governing the state and regulation of beauty pageants (Nussbaum, 2008) thus feel that legal action must be taken against the child beauty pageant industry.
While it may be true that some of those contestants are there of their own accord and are indeed old enough to make that decision, for example, those that compete in the category for eight to ten-year-old children, it leads one to question what the sense is in having a competition that has contestants under the age of two. Surely they have no desire to be made up and dressed up, put into costumes and props, and taken out before a room full of cheering and shouting people. Babies at that age hardly appreciate getting dressed after a bath, it is unreasonable to expect one to believe that they would appreciate being adorned in ruffles and sequins and enduring extensive hours of makeup when they are at an age where they hardly have developed eyelashes or eyebrows.
Furthermore, even if those girls who are in the older category of the competition, eight to ten year old’s, which is still young by any stretch of the imagination, are there of their own accord as many representatives of this industry remark, it leads one to question whether firstly, they are conditioned into wanting that, and secondly, whether it is fair to allow them to do it in any case. When a child has been raised with the idea that they are beautiful and they will not only be appreciated for that beauty but rewarded for it, as long as they allow someone to sit them on a pedestal and extensively observe them, how is a child expected to work out for themselves that it is wrong to be judged and rewarded on the basis of outward appearance? ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants Coursework.
(Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants Coursework)
Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants Coursework.
“Class Action Lawsuit Against University Royal Beauty Pageants Coursework”.
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