How the story of Cinderella has developed over time - Essay Example

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The fairy tales that are handed down through a number of cultures and numerous generations possess a huge cultural significance and as long as this is the case, fairy tales will be continually transmitted to provide relative stability to different cultures. They are more than a…
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How the story of Cinderella has developed over time
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Download file to see previous pages other literary tales, Cinderella came from an earlier oral tradition of stories that were recurring in different cultures around the world and they still show a lot of similarity even though the total known variants are more than seven hundred.
There are different versions that have been made in to film at various points in time, and they include A Cinderella Story, which was a film that was directed Mark Rosman in 2004, Another Cinderella Story that was produced by Damon Santostefano in 2008 and Ever After: A Cinderella Story that was directed by Andy Tennant in 1999. Some versions that are in the form of books are The Rough Face Girl that was written by Rafe Martin and came out in 1992 as well as The Egyptian Cinderella, which was written by Shirley Climo.
In all the versions of the Cinderella stories, the heroines are portrayed to be living in the middle to upper class societies and having loving fathers that are proper to their characters, birth as well as other traits but who ultimately leave or are forced out in one way or another. The heroines therefore, must prove themselves and participate in adventures or engage in work that will enable them to go back to the class and environment that they are familiar with. In the contemporary versions of the fairy tale the actresses that play the part are with no doubt beautiful, the attention is mainly drawn to the strength they possess, their knowledge as well as integrity as characters who are in charge of their own fates.
The main difference that exists between the Cinderella tales that exist in the contemporary times and the cultural Cinderella is that they are set in varying times but the similarities in the tales outweigh the differences. All the central characters have a distinct visual appeal to her that makes her unique and stand out. For instance in Another Cinderella Story, Mary has hair that is dark brown in color while the others have hair of a lighter shade. The Rough-Faced Girl on the other hand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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