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Climate change has been the focus for most researchers and individuals alike, each member of the mentioned groups tries to come up with ways that will reduce or absolutely curb the issue of climate change.
Background: During the early days the issue of climate change was not…
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Lesson 4.3 -Outlines
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Teacher Climate change and its effects Climate change has been the focus for most researchers and individuals alike, each member of the mentioned groups tries to come up with ways that will reduce or absolutely curb the issue of climate change.
Background: During the early days the issue of climate change was not known for the agents furthering or that initiated climate change were non-existent at the time. These are things like pollution from factories, emission from vehicles planes, trains not forgetting pollution from chemicals that is farming and industries. That heavily contributes to pollution resulting in climate change. The topic on climate change is growing with each day; this is due to the adverse effects felt in regions that are worse hit by the problem, resulting into drought unpredictable rainfalls poor harvests for some regions and poor air quality resulting from pollution.
Thesis statement: This paper will aim at solving the problem of climate change through going through the progress of the problem, its origin and giving suggestions as to how the problem can be fixed and its effects eradicated from the face of the earth. This is not a new topic; hence, some reference will be given from already existing contributions made towards fixing the problem.
I. What is climate change?
This is the unpredictable weather patterns as to what has been observed over long periods. The various aspects of human life that have and are still contributing to climate change necessitate this. However, some groups and scientists are of the opinion that climate change is not manmade and that it is part of normal changes within the solar system. This paper will provide evidence that climate change is manmade and can be controlled.
Supporting evidence
Climate change did not exist in the early days; this problem was realised not long ago through the effects it portrayed. Climate change and pollution of the environment have a direct link to each other, hence it is right to say climate change is a result of pollution and that human beings or manmade activities result in pollution of the environment. That translates to the fact that climate change is manmade.
There are gases that are released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity through burning of fossil fuels that end up polluting the air and causing effects such as warming around the world that ends up melting the ice caps. This is finally manifested through flush floods and rise in sea levels having negative impact on the people living near large water bodies.
II. Effects of climate change and how to stop it
As it is indicated through the paper, climate change is as a result of human activity. The effects it brings forward are of great impact to the environment and livelihood of humanity. The floods that result from rise in sea levels displace many people and in some cases, people end up dying. Pollution also brings about things like acid rain that greatly affects the fertile lands and that results in low agricultural production.
Climate change as a result of human activity can be eradicated by going back to its origin and acting on the activities that bring about climate change. An example would be curbing pollution completely if possible by using alternative means of energy as opposed to burning fossil fuels.
III. Conclusion
Through observing the provisions of the paper on the means through which to curb climate change, it would be possible to fix the problem and phase out the effects in has on the environment and the lives of people.
Work cited
Lenmark-Ellis, Barbara, and Barbara Lenmark-Ellis. How to Write Successfully in High School and College. Hauppauge, N.Y: Barrons, 2005. Print. Read More
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