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People have so many different attitudes hence the way in which one relates to those around him can constantly be affected by certain situations in his or her…
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A change in the way you deal with other people
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A change in the way you deal with other people A change in the way you deal with other people People are the most complex creations on earth and there have been many attempts to understand their logic to no avail. People have so many different attitudes hence the way in which one relates to those around him can constantly be affected by certain situations in his or her life. Life situations are the main reasons that people change the way in which they relate to others around them. Relationships are a part of society and they are surrounded with delicate issues and my previous relationship has changed the way I deal with people in such situations.
I had been dating my partner for over 4 years and we had a strong relationship from my perspective. I trusted them with all my heart and never had any doubts about them. We have a long distance relationship because my partner studies and lives in another city. We also have a significant age difference as we are 7 years apart. However, our relationship was never affected by this and it was based on pure love and emotions. We never agreed to let society have an influence on our views towards each other. However, I could feel the distance between us and we only got to see each other for 4mths in a year. The last time my partner arrived, I saw and felt something different. They did not possess the same passion in their eyes as they always did the previous times. They were distant and more caught up in their “work” or “studies”. I felt something was wrong from the very beginning and on the 4th day I confirmed what I had been thinking all these days.
While my partner was sleeping I took their phone and found some messages with another person. There was nothing intimate just some meeting proposals and some good night messages. However, I did not expect this and I felt so betrayed that they would keep this from me. I couldn’t imagine that someone I trust could so deceitful especially considering the fact that my life revolves around this person and every time I am waiting for their return. From this point onwards I lost ball my trust in people. I know people are different and one should never judge others based on someone’s mistakes. However, this has made me more cautious. In the past I was a very trusting person and it was easy for me to commit to people. I was what people would call an open book. However, this has all changed and I am now reserved. I do not think I will be fully able to open to people again. I now have the notion that the more people you trust or the more you trust someone, the higher the likelihood that they will disappoint you. Life is a journey along which you meet many situations. These situations may change us but one must always ensure that he or she changes for the best.
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