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At the tender age of seven, Kate and the siblings lost their parent in a tragic road accident leaving the family in a tough situation that threatens their dispersal…
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Crow Lake
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Crow Lake Crow Lake is a novel ed by Mary Lawson, and narrated by Kate Morrison, an adult womanliving in Crow Lake. At the tender age of seven, Kate and the siblings lost their parent in a tragic road accident leaving the family in a tough situation that threatens their dispersal and an end to the dream the parents had once had for their children of all getting through with their college education. An alternative is provided for each of the siblings to stay with their relatives, a suggestion that they reject based on intention by the sibling to remain together in their stay. This brings about another challenge, as they have to struggle in order to cater for the needs of the family. With the responsibility of taking care of the family, the two brothers and their eldest sister move to seek employment opportunities, which ideally is a tough task but since there is no alternative, they are forced to settle for any menial jobs available for them. For the two brothers, they take up jobs in the neighborhood at Pye’s family.
With such background information, this paper analyses the case of Luke, the older of the two brothers currently in their late teens. Luke despite being the older son in the family, is not good academically, and with the realization of the responsibility ahead, forgoes his college education dreams to allow his brother Matt who despite being younger is better academically. Ideally, in an instance of not completing the book, it is evident that Luke would have become a greater individual in the society considering his hard work and the act of scarify he has shown. The ability of an individual to sacrifice the opportunity of a college education for a brother despite not being sharp academically requires a big heart and one that has a focus for the betterment of the future.
The aspect of forgoing college by Luke for his brother Matt, who happens to be Kate, their sister’s favorite seems to cause some rift between the two brothers. Luke feels bad about the sister looking down upon him based on academic reasons despite the sacrifice Luke is able to make for the better of the whole family. Had I been in Luke’s shoes, it is very possible I would have the same feeling towards Kate. Despite the back draws that Luke has experienced in life, it is evident that his life as an old man will be one of success. Unlike his brother Matt, who despite receiving a sacrifice from his brother Luke, is still involved in misbehavior by getting involved with Pye’s daughter Maria, getting her pregnant, forcing him out of college education despite having been awarded a scholarship.
Had Luke’s parents been alive, the story would have taken a different twist considering that their dream was for all their children to attain their college education. With the parents around to take care of the family needs and wants, Luke would not have to forgo his college education to take care of the family, and therefore, would have had an opportunity to experience a different life and most probably a better one compared to what he is currently going through. The novel however, lacks any particular quotes in specific reference to Luke’s character. Read More
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