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Lawn maintenance can be tedious and costly, however, if the maintenance process is coordinated and scheduled as per the lawn maintenance variables, then lawn maintenance becomes manageable. There are various arguments about lawn maintenance; some of the misconceptions relate to…
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Physical science
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Arguments and Counterarguments on Lawn Maintenance Introduction Lawn maintenance can be tedious and costly, however, if the maintenance process is coordinated and scheduled as per the lawn maintenance variables, then lawn maintenance becomes manageable. There are various arguments about lawn maintenance; some of the misconceptions relate to watering expenses, whereas others relate to the maintenance process. Most of this arguments are myths, while xeriscaping might seem like a cheaper alternative when it comes to watering and maintenance, lawns are more attractive and easier to set up.
The first argument is based on prejudice and stereotypes; “lawn maintenance schedules are inconvenient.” This is a misconception because it is based on faulty information; lawn maintenance schedules can be efficient depending on the level of grass at which one wants the lawn to thrive. One may want a thick, manicured, and lush grass garden; alternatively, one may want a simple lawn of short grass. The internet and other credible sources present a wide variety of scheduling resources and systems for lawn owners depending on the level of maintenance one wants to achieve.
The second argument is based on inductive reasoning; “turf becomes better the more it is irrigated.” This is theoretical and a misconception due to lack of biological and chemical knowledge; in Arkansas, more fine turf is destroyed as a result of overwatering than from under-watering. Lawns should be watered early in the morning and once a week in the summer months. Research shows that most cultivators of bermudagrass spend less on water than those who use zoysiagrass.
The third argument is based on red herring; “lawn maintenance is expensive as compared to xeriscaping gardens, which take up less water”. This is a red herring argument since it diverts the topic of lawn maintenance to the water issue. While it is true that water is a problem in the United States, lawns can be effectively watered to reduce wastage. Watering in the heat of the day is ineffective. Watering late in the afternoon is less costly and an effective way of maintaining the loan.
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