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She is determined to get the attention of Ethan by getting him a gift- a watch. She is constantly looking for the right time and the right manner to give Ethan the watch. This action compliments…
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The Time Keeper
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The Time Keeper “Sometimes, when you are not getting the love you want, giving makes you think you will” This quote refers to what Sarah thinks will work out for her in relation to Ethan. She is determined to get the attention of Ethan by getting him a gift- a watch. She is constantly looking for the right time and the right manner to give Ethan the watch. This action compliments the whole idea in the reading. From the reading, it is clear that the characters want time to work out for them. The characters have their demands with time. They want it to suit them by being more, constant or less. Sarah intends to make up for not letting Ethan makes more physical advances during their time out. She hopes time can speed up so that she can get the attention of her crush. Time is of essence in this case, she wants to hand him the gift before it is too late and start enjoying his companionship in a short time. The quote is important in emphasizing the relevance of time in dealing with things that concern people. The quote is also important in relaying the traits of the character. It does more to support the plot. Sarah is no different from other characters who are trying to make up for lost time and opportunities throughout and speed up time for their own gains.
I happen to have passed through a similar experience. My sister and I had a falling out and I noted that I had more to do with it. The only think I could think of is trying to appease her by gifts and attention. I needed to do so before it was too late for her to reconsider.
This quote does well to aid in mending troubled relationships. It is evident that trying to mend the situation before time elapses is recommended. However, it emerges that the ideal thing is to utilize time as best as possible and not depend on expectations of additional time.
“Time flies? You know, like, time goes really fast and suddenly you’re saying goodbye and it’s like no time has passed at all?”
Clearly, time is the main concern in this quote. Sarah wanted the message ‘time flies with you” engraved on the watch she bought for him (Albom 81). The quote implies that time is of essence in a relationship between people. Therefore, people should utilize the time they have together in the best way. It emerges that bidding farewell can be sooner. Time flies when two people are having the best experiences together. This quote bears significance in the reading selection as it brings an element of time utilization. It suggest that time is best used when two people make each and every second tells more about the theme by asserting the need to appreciate the time at peoples disposal. With better utilization, people are able to live in satisfaction-not needing to stop, increase or lessen time.
I certainly feel that time flies when I am on vacation with my family. Every moment of having a good time, I make sure I do something they will remember. I let them know that I appreciate them. This way, every second counts and no regrets are left as time seemingly speeds.
This quote is very accurate in description and lessons. I feel that it is very relevant to majority of the people. From the selection, it is clear that here is need to appreciate the good times by letting people know the time spent with them is valuable.
Dor’s incidental meeting with Sarah as she brings the watch to be engraved is a significant event. It brings out the meaning of time. Dor’s understanding of time and Sarah’s perception of time in relation to Ethan come into contact. This event gives the reader the impression that, time is important in all aspects of life and through different activities people do. I liked it, especially, Dor’s agreement that time flies. It serves to stress the importance of making the best use of time at our disposal and appreciating it.
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Albom, Mitch. The time keeper. New York: Hyperion, 2012. Print. Read More
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