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What do you stand for - Essay Example

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John writes, “But the reefer Robby and his buddies were smoking deferred in the end to heroin, which left Little Brother with a monkey on his back and the…
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What do you stand for
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"What do you stand for"

Download file to see previous pages The first line of action through which people utilize their freedom is by carrying out acts which enable them to satisfy their biological needs. The satisfaction of these needs creates an environment for us to express other freedoms. On a higher level, we can use a phenomenological freedom to pursue inquiry, and theoretical freedom to determine the logical consistency of the answers we obtain. From a scientific viewpoint, reliable predictions enable people to verify their answers in relation to perceptible experiences such as witnessed events and beauty. Finally, on the sociological level, the answers we obtain lead to changes in behavior that precipitate emotional growth, ultimately leading to psychological maturity.
We are partly a product of where we are raised, and the experiences we encounter in life. It is parents and the immediate community who instill the norms and values that define a child’s behavior as he grows up. However, experiences fundamentally alter the beliefs and perceptions and, therefore, influence a person’s life view. Therefore, childhood background determines who we become, but experiences also play a part in this role. In addition, sometimes experiences may be so psychologically and emotionally moving that they override the background factors that determine a person’s nature. Therefore, it is possible for a person’s nature to change significantly when they are already physically, emotionally, and psychologically mature. This might have happened to John Wideman, and; therefore, he probably was not an anomaly.
The American Dream is accessible to all legal citizens of the United States. Firstly; this is because of freedom the constitution bestows upon each and every citizen. The freedom of expression, freedom of religious and political beliefs, and freedom to undertake any action permissible under the law paves the way for any individual, be they poor, uneducated, mentally challenged, or physically disabled, to pursue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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