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However, it has not been clearly established by many states whether it is something to be approved by the law or not. Assisted suicide refers to the act…
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Writing a thesis
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Should Assisted Suicide be allowed? A lot of debate has recently been developed about assisted suicide, on whether it should be allowed or not by various states. However, it has not been clearly established by many states whether it is something to be approved by the law or not. Assisted suicide refers to the act of deliberately encouraging or assisted a terminally ill persons to end their lives. The act is normally performed by specialized persons who are medically fit to determine whether a person is actually terminally ill. Other discussions have also tried to argue that assisted suicide is different from euthanasia where as some researchers consider the two one and the same thing. The difference comes about when some definitions refer to euthanasia as the act that allows the physician to deliberately end a terminally ill patient’s life in order to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain (NHS 2013). When the two definitions are compared, there is a small difference between them. However, whether one will call it assisted suicide or euthanasia, the end result for both of the acts is that, they both assist a terminally ill person to commit suicide and take away their lives. This paper is therefore aimed at supporting and stating the reasons why I take the position that, assisted suicide should be allowed.
Many a times, we suffer from ‘diseases’ of life that we already know cannot be cured such as life at old age. Sometimes we end up being bedridden in a lot of sufferings and pain for so many years even after having been confirmed to by the doctors that we cannot recover from our illness and we wouldn’t get out of our situation unless we die. People have been involved into fatal accidents that have resulted in the victims losing certain fundamental organs of their body, hence remaining into conditions of surviving through assisted life care. Such assistance normally do not last for long, and the doctors normally already have the information about the situation and already know that the victims will die sooner or later, but after a lot of sufferings and pain.
Some patients, normally after knowing their health conditions are those that would not bring them back to life, but only full of sufferings in the hospitals or at home, go ahead to sign a life ending note that states to the doctor in-charge of their health condition to assist them terminate their lives and avoid suffering and pain if the reality of the situation is that they wouldn’t get well again. This is normally an act that is done to them after they have given up in life, and their doctors also know that they will never make it and live again. In as much as some states consider assisted suicide as felony, I tend to support the fact that, one should not be left to sufferer and undergo pain if it has been already determined that they cannot get well again (Forbes 2012).
It is normally a good thing to fulfill the patient’s will of terminating their lives when their conditions worsen, just as they requested to. The matter, however, must be documented and shared with the family members before such an act is carried out. If the patient is for that, and the family members and their physicians approve of it, then assisted suicide is a good act to lay patients to peaceful sleep and save them from unnecessary suffering. I would therefore urge all the states to consider enacting this as a law to assist those suffering unnecessarily in the hospitals.
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