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Some of them come easily, some need a number of hits and a couple of misses and it is unfortunate that they seem to be learned from a struggle. Through out my life I have learnt many lessons like how to manage time, speaking in…
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Narrative paper
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A Narrative Number There are a number of lessons to be learnt in life. Some of them come easily, some need a number of hits and a couple of misses and it is unfortunate that they seem to be learned from a struggle. Through out my life I have learnt many lessons like how to manage time, speaking in public and making new friends and letting others go. However, I wonder which of these lessons will prove to be most profitable and important.
The answer may be, none of these above. However, they are all useful in one’s life, so that none of them is most important. Perhaps the most imperative lesson I have learnt is from my brother. He taught me that life is not easy and one has to discover how to dance in the rain and not just wait for it to pass. I believe that what this means is that one ought not to wait for his difficulties to pass, but instead should know how to handle them. It also means that if one chooses to spend life sitting on the side and wait as life goes by, then he is going to miss on a lot of opportunities.
I watched my brother go through a lot of difficulties when he finished his schooling and was looking for employment. He could apply for jobs and not get any feedback. Sometimes he received interview invitations and attended interviews, but the companies never responded. Nevertheless, this did not stop him from trying more chances in the same and even different firms.
My brother could rise up in the morning like everybody else who was going to work and leave the house. Sometimes I asked him why he had to wake up that early without any good seeming to come out of it. To me, there was no difference if he left the house at 5:00 am in the morning and if he stayed a little longer to leave at 10.00 am. After all, he was not employed in those companies that he was going to apply for employment. Logically, he would have chosen to stay home and wait for that time that he would be sure that he has an interview to leave the house early.
One day he came home excited and narrated to the family how he had obtained himself a job. Everybody was eagerly waiting to hear the kind of job he got. We were overjoyed and happy that finally, his efforts had been rewarded only for him to say that it was an internship that was just offering him transport to the work place. My parents however encouraged him and promised to support him in whichever manner. Following several months of his internship, he was taken in by that company for permanent employment. The company saw his commitment, hard work and perseverance.
From my brother’s experience I learnt that life can be taken like an hourglass: when time runs out, one cannot go back in. One has to live life fully and be risk-savvy. I should not wait for my troubles to disappear as I am going to face hindrances throughout life. Instead, I just have to learn to overcome them. Read More
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Narrative Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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