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This research will draw a comparison and contrast between Math and English. According to the research, this world would have been a very different place had the knowledge of Math as well as the English language not been revealed to the mankind…
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Math vs English
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that Math is a field of science that deals with counting, numbering, and different sorts of calculations. Math is applied in almost each and every deal in the everyday life. The knowledge of Math, at least basic, is necessary in order to be able to buy or sell things independently. The knowledge of Math helps an individual estimate the profit or loss made in a deal. Math is one of the oldest fields of science. Math is applied in a variety of other fields of science that include but are not limited to Physics and Chemistry. Math is one of the most fundamental and essential subjects taught in the coursework of Engineering. To facilitate the calculations, various tools have been introduced in the market including calculators and computers. Sometimes, Math is also used as a language e.g. binary language used in computers. Math is a very interesting subject taught in schools. English is a language. The importance of English can be estimated from the fact that it is an international language. In the present age of globalization, the importance of developing competence in English cannot be overemphasized. One needs at least basic knowledge of English language in order to be able to use a computer. English is a very easy and interesting language. While the basic format of the language is the same, English is spoken in a variety of accents in different parts of the world. There is a British accent, an American accent, and an Indian accent of English among others. The English language has modified over the passage of time in grammar, words, and dialect. Most international courses are delivered in the English language to enable a wider population of students to participate in them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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