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The Korean War began in 1950 and unexpectedly lasted a period of three years, during which high unanticipated deaths occurred both for the military and for the civilians (Australian War Memorial n.p.). Thus, by the end of the war in 1953, the war had cost the parties more than…
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Cultural artifact about Korean War in 1950
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Download file to see previous pages d into a full-blown war pitching the USA against international communism, considering that North Korea was a USSR backed territory, while South Korea was pro-west (US Department of State n.p.). While the Korean War of 1950 has not been publicized like the Vietnam and the Second World Wars, it remains the bloodiest war that was fought for a short period, yet claimed more civilians’ lives than either the Vietnam or the World War II. The war occurred during a period of heightened tension between the USA and the Soviet Union in Cold War. Thus, despite the fact that the Korean War was a war between the North and the South Korea, it remains the height of the Cold War tension. Thus, the Korean War of 1950 impacted the world by changing the world map through the creation of two sovereign states from the Korean peninsula, increased the Cold War tension globally by posing the threat of the outbreak of World War III and elevated the logistical, weaponry and equipment status of the Chinese military.
The Korean War started on June 1950, through the aggression of the North Korea against the South Korea, after its troops crossed over the boundary between the two territories, and took the war the South Korean soil. The tension between North and South Korea had been there for long before the war. In addition, there was international interest in this conflict from the onset of the separation of Korea into the north and the south, considering the fact that China and Japan had previously shown interests in controlling the Korean territory (Naval History and Heritage Command n.p.). Russia had also fought with Japan for the control of the Korean territory, but Russia was defeated in this war in 1910, after which Japan Annexed Korea as its colony, and ruled it until the end of World War II. The separation of South Korea from North Korea had occurred in 1945, when the foreign interested parties resolved to have Korea separated along the 38th parallel as a temporary measure, until a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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