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This has an impact on the grades and general life development. Improving safety systems will enhance their quality of education and life.
First is the increase in students’ population. Second is the need…
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Invention Assignment Safety System What problem have you identified? The safety systems in Texas Wesleyan University are weak.
2. State the purpose of your proposal in one or two sentences.
A safety system should be created for camps and the other utilities in Texas Wesleyan University.
3. Who is your intended audience?
The intended audiences are Texas Wesleyan University’s administration, students and faculty
4. What historical information do your readers need to understand your proposal?
The safety system of Maryland University is a good example to borrow from.
5. Why should your readers care about this issue?
Strengthened safety system in Texas University and other institution of higher learning is critical for a sustainable learning environment.
6. Write a straightforward statement that summarizes your plan and explains why your plan will succeed.
Weak safety systems in Texas Wesleyan University interfere with learning process. Strengthening safety system enhances a proper learning environment that enables achievement of learning goals.
7. Clearly describe the problem (in more detail than #1).
Weak safety systems reduce effective learning hours of every student. This has an impact on the grades and general life development. Improving safety systems will enhance their quality of education and life.
8. What are the 3-5 major causes of your problem?
First is the increase in students’ population. Second is the need for safe learning environment. Third is the need to embrace safer technology and Innovation. Forth is the need for diverse activities.
9. For each of these major causes, explain the effects of the problem if no action is taken.
Increasing student population increases demand for safety systems. Unsafe learning environments affect effective learning process. Outdated technology cannot cope with rapidly changing demands and various student needs. Diverse activities can result to uncontrollable safety cases, which would otherwise have been prevented.
10. What is your solution to this problem?
The administration should adopt a modern and needs specific safety system.
11. What steps are involved in this solution?
Do a survey to ask the students what they need. Second, ask the registration to provide a statistical paper for the number of each nationality to know some of the safety cases that need to be addressed. Contact different company to provide different services.
12. What are the detailed costs associated with this solution?
The cost of can be offset by University stakeholders and the Government.
13. What are the benefits associated with those costs? (Remember that costs of a plan “do not always involve money. Sometimes the costs will be measured in effort or time” (239)).
The University would not have to get a loan to implement the plan, which increases obligations. This cost plan is cheaper and readily accessible. The University stakeholders would own the process increasing chances of the plan being successful.
14. How will you use your interview in your proposal?
 I will use my interview in providing the international number. Then, in clarifying the problem and add a valuable suggestion from a person who is a part of the university. Read More
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