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This report will focus on a study conducted to specifically determine the effects of time of the quality of services of EMS service providers…
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I need an abstract for this and conclusion
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The amount of time spent by workers to undertake duty has been considered as one of the major factors affecting employee performance. This report will focus on a study conducted to specifically determine the effects of time of the quality of services of EMS service providers. The introductory section will provide background information related with time on the quality of services provided by EMS workers. There shall also be a problem statement that basically indicates the specific research question that guided the research process, Moreover, the report elaborates the main purpose of the research as well as the overall research design that was used to collect and analyze appropriate data. Consequently, this report elaborates the results of the data analysis and conclusion section that gives a summary of the report as well as issues ascribed to recommendation.
It is apparent that time spent by any worker to undertake his/her duty is a great determinant of his/her success with regard to high quality service provision. Service provision among EMS workers is one of the duties that is affected by time frames that each worker is subjected to; the research conducted above basically exhibits the pertinence of the amount of time workers, specifically EMS workers spend to provide services and how it may affect the quality of their services. The results indicate that, indeed working in shorter time frame is a major contributor of quality service provision. This has been supported by results of other researchers i.e. Erickson & Dembe et al 2005 in their research. Read More
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