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Spoken language : describe the evolution of it from its origins to the present day - Essay Example

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This is because its dissemination is oral and the format of production is mainly in spontaneous form. Therefore, in the origins of language, it is critical to assess the source of spoken language and how…
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, the continuity theory argues that has origins in the pre-linguistic systems (Baugh, A., & Cable, T. 2002, 89). Contrastingly, discontinuity theorists posit that language emerges from an innate faculty meaning it is only limited to human beings. Consequently, in spoken language, individuals communicate and respond to other beings supported by a language faculty instead of cultural or social interaction.
Scholars are yet to agree on a definite meaning of writing. However, varying meanings describe writing as that act of representing language in form of structured and visual systems. Yule (2012) insists that writing encompasses the depiction of language through the use of graphic signs. It means while writing uses visuals to mark its organized parameters, spoken language is generally organized within the context of delivery (Yule, G. 2012, 122). Additionally, while writing is permanent, spoken language is transient and flexible. Most speeches are, therefore, easy and quick in terms of arrangement and delivery while writing requires significant effort. Another integral element of spoken language involves its simpler organization that ensures it is easier to follow and conceptualize. It is unlike the more intricate structures found in writing. Acquisition of speech, thus, is deemed natural, basic, and universal as opposed to writing that is derivative. Spoken language, hence, is notably acceptable as an old form of communication especially in the pre-historic societies.
Spoken language equally had its old form that enabled its recipients to communicate effectively with others as demonstrated in its evolution. The Germanic invasion, for example, meant that assimilation of cultures happened particularly in their confrontation with the Anglo-Saxons. As a result, certain kingdoms emerged from 7th to 9th centuries as learning and literature developed into different dialects. These dialects are found ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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