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Hugo Grotius, from on the Law of War and peace - Essay Example

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An ethical dilemma refers to a precarious situation that presents two moral imperatives. Selecting either of the two would therefore mean transgressing on the…
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Extract of sample "Hugo Grotius, from on the Law of War and peace"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the attempt by several government to develop peaceful societies, conflicts exist even at personal levels thereby presenting several ethical dilemmas. War is an evil necessity that as Grotius explains presents realistic solutions to most of the conflicts while at the same time has severe ramifications (Bonevac, 2005). Choosing to engage in war thus presents myriad effects to the people.
While war is a social vice that causes extensive loss of lives and destabilization of the society, Grotius explains particular circumstances that justify war. In considering the possibilities to engage in wars, it becomes realistic to weigh the ramifications of war thereby making an informed decision. Firstly, war results in the loss of human life. Nothing justifies the death of another. Engaging in war presents a substantial threat to the lives of the civilians most of who are often unarmed. Additionally, war results in the displacement of many other civilians. The displacement results from large-scale destruction of homes since such readily become battlefields. People therefore flee from their homes in order to seek safe refuge elsewhere. Another equally important effect of war is that it curtails socio economic developments. The heightened insecurity during wars curtails investments besides resulting in massive displacement of people. The two are empirical manifestations that curb both economic growth and social cohesion.
While the above are major concerns that require effective consideration and often serve to prevent people from engaging in wars, wars are at times the only plausible solutions to the social problems in a society. Different countries including the United States have engaged in different wars most of which, the government justified. As Hugo Grotius explains, a war offers realistic solutions to some of the major social problems and is therefore unavoidable in such circumstances. Grotius provides three circumstances which he claims justifies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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