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Militarism and Perpetual Peace - Research Paper Example

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The paper discusses Mesaros' article "Militarism and the Coming Wars," whether perpetual peace demands a fundamental change in the nature of the economic system, a change that Kant himself did not envision. In relation to this, also consider why the UN has failed to put an end to the war…
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Militarism and Perpetual Peace
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Extract of sample "Militarism and Perpetual Peace"

Download file to see previous pages Militarism implies the allergic missions or many revolutions. It has the important and early manifestations of the life of most social orders. Class considerations would be necessary. Armament plays an important role in social struggles. Poor socio-economic status does not prevent a nation from securing arms. Economic evolution runs parallel with the development of arms (Liebeknecht, 2007). The expenditure on the making of the arms is growing higher due to the sophistication of weapons used. When the production of arms is universal, the manufacture of the guns has been accordingly changed. History has shown the significance in the power of the Greeks, Romans where the hierarchy was completely military. The influence of the external political situation on militarism was especially evident in the German Wars of Liberation (Liebeknecht, 2007).
Militarism has been recognized as a significant factor in policy making since the nineteenth century (Meszaros, 2007). The evolution of modern imperialism was becoming evident on a global scale. The British and the French were having vast empires at that period of time and the United States were beginning invasions in Latin America. The Philippines was also involved in a liberations process assisted by the Americans. The First and the Second World Wars were caused by the ambitious Bismarck and Hitler who were running after more than what they could handle. The calamities were caused by the selfish intentions of two individuals and the techniques of using militarism for political solutions. What could have been solved by the deep-seated thinking without resorting to militarism was mishandled by the militaristic
Viewpoints (Meszaros, 2007). The scale of issues became wide and the discussion was based on the militaristic power rather than the actual issues. There were horrific wars in the 12th century and the pattern continued into the form of the World Wars.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Militarism and Perpetual Peace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words - 5.
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