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Princeton Readings in Political Thought - Mitchell Cohen, Nicole Fermon. V.I. Lenin, Roskin, Sun Tzu - Essay Example

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Most often countries go to war over the public declarations of a difference in ideologies, but with an underlying economic purpose for going into conflict. It is economics that most often drive countries into conflict with one another even when it appears that there is a cause…
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Princeton Readings in Political Thought - Mitchell Cohen, Nicole Fermon. V.I. Lenin, Roskin, Sun Tzu
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Extract of sample "Princeton Readings in Political Thought - Mitchell Cohen, Nicole Fermon. V.I. Lenin, Roskin, Sun Tzu"

Download file to see previous pages Most often, however, war begins because there is an economic benefit to engaging in violence. What might end war is the growing interdependence of nations for economic stability. As developing nations continue to join the growing number of intertwined economies, world peace may be achieved where ‘war’ becomes swift takeovers through economic domination that occurs without violence.
One example of a war that was fought over the declaration of a difference in ideologies but was engaged for the purposes of economic advantages is the Vietnam War. The base issue of the conflict begins with the imperialism of France and of Japan as those nations took hold of Indochinese territories with the intent of gaining economic control of those regions. As Communism began to grow in China, the leader of Ho Chi Minh began to take territories that were near to the Chinese borders, taking advantage of both France and Japan whose militaries were weak in comparison to the Chinese (Tucker). As the allied nations began to take part in coming to the aid of France in regard to the territories in question, the propaganda of the war was that it was being fought to save the Vietnamese people from the horrors of Communism, but the truth is that the allies came to the aid of Imperialistic French interests, making the war conditioned upon economics rather than ideologies.
Radical belief systems do not always require an economic foundation for the attempt to dominate the world, but economics will motivate a great deal of the consequences and actions of other nations in response to war. Radical belief systems cannot be overcome by any sense of reason and must be engaged in order to stem the violence that might come from belief systems that discount the right to life. An example of this type of leader can be seen in Adolf Hitler. However, even World War II occurred ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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