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The writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, presents his exaggerated account of his personal experiences. A close reading of this short story…
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The yellow wall paper
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The Yellow Tall Paper The 6000 word short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ premiered in publications in 1892 within the New England yellow wallpaper analysis. The writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, presents his exaggerated account of his personal experiences. A close reading of this short story reveals the employing of the analysis of such literature concepts such as setting, narrative style, characterization, theme, and symbolism. The story employs the use of direct language in its publication as Perkins tries to use inanimate objects as motifs for female madness.
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a rather compelling short story. She becomes obsessed with the rooms revolting yellow wallpaper. Throughout the general summary as well as the chapter explanations, the narrator suffered from temporary nervous depression. Out of this, the husband orders her to take a rest on what actually the narrator describes as the haunted house. For the sake of the two of them to stay there, the woman gives in despite her feeling uncomfortable. To wrap up the significance of the title, the yellow house built of yellow bricks (Gilman and Jean 50).
The story has a variety of characters that help develop the story line. First, there is the narrator. Through the eyes of the omniscient narrator, who is the protagonist, her know it all helps the reader to unveil the rather knit up the story of the woman with complications and the ordeals of the family as well as the neighbors. She is imaginative and creative person as she lives to tell of the society’s view of women’s artistic skills and intellect as an anomaly, as misfits and ill as shown through the story. John is the other character, the narrator’s husband, who happens to be a physician. He totally differs on his wife’s intellect for his chauvinistic stance only propels him to believe what he can only see and touch. For example, his own creation of hypochondriac, as the disease for his woman tells it all. His busy schedule is what ignites her wife to stay alone and choose to write, an obsessive ritual centered on the yellow paper in their room (77). Jennie, John’s sister serves as the house help. Her duty also involve to check up the overgrowing zealous of John’s wife in writing. Her brother’s belief of a concrete view of the world binds her. The other main character is Weir Mitchell, the doctor who engineered the rest cure for John’s wife. These characters are real personnel’s as the author deviates from using fiction characters.
The setting reflects the era when change was inevitable in America. These are the times of great change. This happened in the early to mid nineteenth century, where domestic ideology was up in poising women as the spiritual and moral leaders of their homes (60).The story has themes such as male chauvinism. Gilman portrayed herself as a humanist and rallied for a change for the domestic that oppressed women a lot. She is against patriarchal beliefs that men extend to women. There is the theme of race. She fought for the rights of vote for all women. For example, she spoke out strongly against the literacy requirements for the right to vote at the then National American Womens Suffrage Association conference that took place in 1903 in New Orleans (78). The other mainstream themes include the theme of change, feminism, and the role of women in a free and non-oppressive society. This is because of her energy in fighting for revised roles for women and being equal in economic, social, and political footing with men.
In conclusion, The Yellow Tall-Paper by Cltarlotte Perkins Stetson, she believed that a comfortable and a healthy lifestyle should not face restriction from the marriage circles (34). Her story was a voice that all humans desire a home that provides tranquility and equal growth opportunities.
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Gilman, Charlotte P, and Jean S. St. "The Yellow Wall-Paper": A Dual-Text Critical Edition. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2006. Print. Read More
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