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In this era of modernization, the issue of increasing rate of divorce is becoming a matter of grave social concern and has become a topic of discussion in all kinds of media. It is a grave issue since the impact of divorce is strong on any individual, especially on the children…
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Research Paper about Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages There are various factors that can be attributed to the growing number of divorces including social, financial, religious and psychological elements. According to a survey report, 43 to 46 percent of all marriages that have taken place in the US in the year 2000 will eventually end in divorce (Smith et al., 1453). This paper explores the reasons behind divorce and its impact on children.
Getting a divorce is not a simple task and cannot be obtained on the day the concerned couple decides to separate. It is a prolonged process that needs to go through various legal formalities. The initial phase of decision making can take several months or years, and even after final decision is taken the end process may not be a fast one. In many cases, couples attempt to reconcile failing which they again separate. Throughout the entire process, the partners make important decisions regarding rebuilding separate lives. Often a couple takes the decision to separate after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of staying together. A marriage becomes difficult to sustain when personalities clash and no one is eager to compromise. The aggrieved partner often finds multiple issues to deal with before making the final decision to divorce like “religious constrictions, obligations to children, the financial costs and consequences of divorce, and social pressure to stay married” (Clarke-Stewart & Brenatno, 52).
Divorce is always perceived as a curse on modern society. One major cause has been identified as early marriage. In general, people who marry early have high probability of divorce than those who marry after completing their education and stabilizing their career. Records have shown that the probability of divorce is twice for women who get married in their teens than women who get married after the age of 22. Most of the times, young people are emotionally and socially inexperienced for entering into a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Divorce Impacts Disastrously on society. Divorce is a legal practice through a marriage between a man and wife is dissolved permitting their separation. It inevitable comes with the division of their properties as well as their custodial roles on their children. This practice has continued to increasingly become common the world over with impacts on both the affected parents as well as their children and communities. Divorce shakes the family which is the foundation of society and as such has a significant impact on the children lives. as a consequence of divorce, children are deprived of the much need quality upbringing in a stable family as they are forced to suffer...
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