Consider all of the elements of control used by the Party in the selections from Nineteen Eighty Four - Coursework Example

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In the readings of Nineteen Eighty Four we a see a predominant theme of politics and a concerted effort at controlling the masses in the way the party handles its…
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Consider all of the elements of control used by the Party in the selections from Nineteen Eighty Four
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Nineteen Eighty Four Political parties, regimes and politicians will always utilize every possible opportunity to maintain their control. In the readings of Nineteen Eighty Four we a see a predominant theme of politics and a concerted effort at controlling the masses in the way the party handles its affairs. The main aim was to ensure total party loyalty, intimidation of opponents, and ultimately ensure control. In ensuring total control, a number of ways were involved.
Abuse of police power was commonly used to perpetuate the interests of the party at the expense of citizens. Police were feared to the extent that it was thought everywhere any time one was being seen by a police officer. This made the masses as seen in the behavior of prisoners timid and as such they couldn’t even air out their minds. There were arbitrary arrests and convictions without trial with the subjects being forced to confess to false of crimes such as sabotage, espionage and embezzlement. The party employed a lot of propaganda in management of its affairs; there was an underground movement of conspirators (the brotherhood) which was spreading fear and labeling party rebels. it excites to not how power can be used by a party to propagate vested interests, instill fear in masses and hence ensure they submit completely. Separation was ripe with party members being restricted from going just to any shop. This was to force even those with divergent views succumb bow to pressure and dance to the whims of the party. People were totally deprived of their fundamental freedoms such as free association, freedom of speech and others.
In conclusion therefore Nineteen Eighty Four is a perfect narration of how regimes can engage in evil doing, deprive masses of their rights and employ unethical means to seize control. People are forcefully forced to sing party slogans, made to keep silent and not question anything happening around for fear of being punished. The writer is a victim and is in prison for obvious political reasons; they are tortured in prison and forced to confess to charges that are not true.
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