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Evaluate the novels as works of literature and compare and contrast them. Discuss the political and psychological aspects of eac - Research Paper Example

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Evaluate the novels as works of literature and compare and contrast them. Discuss the political and psychological aspects of each novel and compare and contrast those ideas pertaining to a dystopian society and modern day life today The term dystopian means ‘bad place’…
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Evaluate the novels as works of literature and compare and contrast them. Discuss the political and psychological aspects of eac
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Evaluate the novels as works of literature and compare and contrast them. Discuss the political and psychological aspects of eac

Download file to see previous pages... Through the dystopian novel the writers expresses their opinion regarding the evil society more dramatically and its influence on the minds of the people. The protagonist of the novels who are victims of political oppression and sufferers from a psychological complexity carry a political message as designed by the author. The novel Nineteen Eighty-four, written by George Orwell, illustrates the central character Winston as a victim of the present political autocracy. Winston dreams of an ideal world where the difference between public and private life existed. He idealizes a world which is drastically different from the evil controlled society of 1984. Winston’s craving to go back to his childhood to the private world was similar to the mental condition of Orwell who longed to return to his past. The author states that the political and spiritual condition of the late forties was complex. He detests the totalitarian mentality that gave birth to the cruel Inner Party to attain the power in the fifties and sixties. (Gottlieb, 271, 278-279) Alex in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is also a victim of the totalitarian society. The complexities faced by Winston and Alex both politically and psychologically, experienced in the dystopian society reveal the mental conflict of both the characters to adjust with the prevalent regime of the government. In George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-four, Winston who is the protagonist of the story is an epitome of sanity in the society which diverges completely from the perception of reality. O’Brien, who was an orthodox government agent remarked about the star that, “they are bits of fire a few kilometers away. We could reach them if we wanted to. Or we could blot them out.” (Plank 118) Winston’s character possessed different feeling that was a mixture of self destruction and insanity. The entire story centers on Winston and O’Brien. O’Brien plays a cat and mouse game with Winston. Both the characters complete each other by their roles and activities that they play in the course of the story. This novel comprises of both political historical as well as psychological moral side. Characters suffer from a psychological disturbance due to the effect of the Big Brother, a dictator leader of the state Oceania. Big Brother is the representative of God and is assumed that similar to the powers of God, this leader also has the power to control the lives of people. There is an indirect challenge that people should worship Big Brother like the way they worship God. The author has compared the activities of God with that of Big Brother. As people are ignorant about the intentions of God, similarly the intention and motivation of Big Brother and its party is completely vague in the minds of the people. Winston secretly hates the government and the Party. Through the characters Orwell expresses his own feeling that he possesses in his sub conscious mind. He exposes his feelings in such manner that it is easily accepted by the character by introducing a whole culture of Oceania so that the characters may “blend into the woodwork” (Plank 119). Canetti remarked on Orwell’s depiction of Winston as an inferior man than he was himself, “if one is nothing oneself, there is a peculiar kind of servile gratification to be got from ending in the belly of power” (Plank, 119). The power of the autocratic government ruled the entire life of Winston and invoked immense torture to him. Orwell presented Oceania as a gigantic state which had no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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