Change the united states into a Utopia (the word means nowhere). What changes should me made and why should they should be made - Essay Example

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Changing America to “utopia” or “nowhere” in a broader perspective means putting America in the global limelight socially, politically, economically as well as technologically. In broader terms, it refers to making America assume more position of superiority with regards…
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Change the united states into a Utopia (the word means nowhere). What changes should me made and why should they should be made
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Extract of sample "Change the united states into a Utopia (the word means nowhere). What changes should me made and why should they should be made"

Changing America to “Utopia” Changing America to “utopia” or “nowhere” in a broader perspective means putting America in the global limelight socially, politically, economically as well as technologically. In broader terms, it refers to making America assume more position of superiority with regards to socio-economic and political issues. This means that America will continue boasting of the respect, pride as well as all the technological advancements. Changing America to nowhere means making America accessible to all people from different corners of the world. This may result to several issues in line with the country’s multifaceted developments in technology, education, economy as well as political stance.
There are several things that can be done to change America to utopia. Some of these things may have certain disadvantages. However, it is also true that majority of benefits may accrue from them. One of the things that may be done to change America to nowhere is ensuring that barriers are limited for the international community to access America (Frazier et al, 31). This may be done by reducing the number of requirements as well as qualifications that anybody wishing to come to America may have to meet. This may include reducing the number of policies that bar such movements involving migrations as well as immigrations to America. The influx of such people to America is quite advantageous to the American society as well as America as a whole. This is because, when the rate of immigration is heightened, a number of people will find their way into the country. This will be economically beneficial in a number of ways. First, the rate of consumption of the American goods by such a growing population will massively shoot. This will place more demands on the goods and services from the American industries thereby impacting positively on the businesses in America. This is quite beneficial to both the American society as well as America as a country. This follows that the economy of the country will be affected in an appreciating perspective, thereby leading to more economic stabilization (Frazier et al, 41).
In addition, it is of crucial significance to note that the process of learning is always affected in a certain manner following the entry of alien individuals in a new land. Therefore, changing America to nowhere relates to an increase in accessibility of the country by people of different origin, races, ethnicity as well as cultures (Frazier et al, 47). This promotes the issue of intercultural education. This helps in understanding the other people, their ways as well as appreciating the overall diversity within America with regards to population. The improved learning activities is also beneficial to America with increased influx of people since it may lead to diversification in knowledge, advancement in technology as well as multifaceted intersectoral developments. This follows that majority of those who may access America may be specialists in several fields thereby adding to more benefits to America. Changing America to nowhere means making the dream country that is made of perfectionists. It involves making America assume an imaginary flawless situation with regards to all its undertakings (Frazier et al, 36). This may be achieved through enhanced surveillance, tightening security as well as increasing the socioeconomic issues to the benefit of the individuals within the country. This is crucial in ensuring safety, political stability as well as economic growth in the entire country.
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