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Utopia and dystopia in film - Essay Example

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This film is based on 1951 Ray Bradbury novel featuring Guy Montag, who is a fighter and living a lonely life, in isolated society where the government has outlawed books with the fear of developing an independent thinking public. The firefighters have the responsibility of…
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Utopia and dystopia in film
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Download file to see previous pages The relationship leads him to start questioning the motive behind governments burning of books. He is soon found and have to decide either to return to his job or run away for his life knowing very well the consequences of those found reading books (Rathjen 2-3).
The global war which began in 1940 and dragged over many years until those who were still alive could not explain who started it and reasons behind. Nothing was being made, and society went back to its tradition and in localized communities. In the year 1966, a great plague swept away what people remained with and very few survived. One day, an aircraft pilot landed in one of the remaining communities and told them that a certain organization in rebuilding civilization that slowly re-civilized these communities who survived. There were a great re-constructions which took place for few decades and the society once again regained its strength. The world population was now living in underground cities. In the eve of man’s first flight to the moon, in 2035, a popular uprising against progress gained support and becomes violent (Duguid 3).
This movie is about George Orr, a man who has dreams changing realities and afraid of having those dreams. He is sent to a psychiatrist who becomes fascinated with the changing realities. Later on, he finds lawyer Heather Laleche, who he hopes will rescue him from psychiatrist as the world changes around him. His dreams change the reality and produce answers from sub-conscious to rationally asked questions. When asked to produce peace on earth, he dreams of alien invasion; asked to solve overcrowding, he dreams of flood that happened fifteen years killing six billion people. On waking up, the world has always been that way and that is how everyone remembers it with an exemption for those in the room with him (Walton 4).
The above films portray individuals who are in the utopian society as others are in dystopia. For instance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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