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Stories may occur orally, in written form, through sign language, or in visual form. The written form of storytelling entails genres such as science fiction, literature fiction, and other forms of popular writing…
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Response to article AND movie
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Task: Book review Storytelling is an inherent component of human civilization. Stories may occur orally, in written form, through sign language, or in visual form. The written form of storytelling entails genres such as science fiction, literature fiction, and other forms of popular writing. Visual forms of storytelling include photography and films. In this sense, individuals witness a world that is open to numerous possibilities. Tom Haddox’s Halo is a cyberpunk novel that traces the evolution of an intelligent computer influencing humanity towards a painstaking technological revolution. Aeon Flux is an animated science fiction film that describes the survival of a remaining group of human beings after a virus devastates the human population. Andre Norton, 1952 Daybreak 2250 AD, narrates the experiences of Fors, a young man from a supposedly super clan who wishes to explore the world in its mysteries and hidden knowledge.
In the Dark Hunter Scene, Fors encounters a black hunter from a tribe that Fors knows. While he considers on whether he should communicate with the stranger, another group of people arrive in the scene. This group are known as the plains people because think of them as horse riders and ordinary people. It is essential to highlight of the class differences that exist in the society that Andre constructs. Fors views the black person as a stranger whose trust should be gained gradually. Fors’ awareness of his mutant nature bars him from easily interacting with other groups other than his own.
In the Four Legs are Better than Two scene, Fors, in spite of his badly injured leg, makes advances towards the city. Fors comes across a herd of horses that appear strange. The horses are hairy and their outlook tends towards donkey’s appearance. Fors is aware of the potential antagonism that may exist between the horse and Lura, a mutant leopard who accompanies Fors. He exploits his mutant abilities to tame the horse and bridge the leopard from attacking the meek animal. This scene explains how privilege in a person may be instrumental in effecting change in a society.
In the beginning scene, of Halo, when Gonzalez is reaching out to a machine known as the egg, the technology that surrounds the Sentrax employee is evident. The room has a blue monitor console edging on the wall. The center of the room has the egg, which entails a hard plastic leaning against the wall and another hemisphere of thick cables on one end (Maddox 12). This egg describes the virtual reality in which Gonzales floats. Technology seems to be performing no discernible function in such a state as it only marvels the human population. For instance, the virtual reality machine swings Gonzalez into a dreamy state. The dreamy state does not serve to enhance the quality of life that Gonzalez should experience.
In the Burn-In scene, Heywood is in a state of despair as she tells Hughes of the impossibility of continuing with the life support machine. Gonzalez is pressurizing the Aleph community towards uncovering what goes on in the space orbit. In this scene, Lizzie Jordan has painful cables attached to her back and she struggles to convince Gonzalez that she is feeling well. This scene reveals the inevitable conflicts that technology arouses in a society. Aleph creates a virtual reality that is bound to stir suspicion from the government and major companies such as Sentrax.
Aeon Flux film entails the espionage endeavors of the lead character, Aeon. In the gravity scene, Aeon spies on a factory’s vehicle. She retrieves a picture from her teeth and discovers that it resembles the passenger’s face. Aeon then escapes the passenger’s wrath by struggling to jump on a plane. Her determination bespeaks a mutant’s special ability to endure difficult conditions that ordinary human beings cannot survive.
In the leisure scene, Aeon inspects a container of eggs that she had kept in her refrigerator. Unfortunately, she finds out that Trevor had taken them. She angrily ventures out and collects an egg, which she examines the content through a microscope. She realizes an alien form in the egg. This creates a tumultuous scene as an adult alien confronts Aeon. This scene reveals that technologies constantly create new possibilities, which create both benefits and disadvantages to the human population.
Storytelling through technology entails the involvement of animation design in fashioning characters. Similarly, writes can think out utopist scenarios and dystopia situations whereby aliens and extreme technology control the world. Daybreak 2250’s highlighted scenes depict how biotechnology can create class divisions in a society. On the other hand, the film narrates a mutant’s journey into rediscovering herself on realizing that she lives on a fractured world. Halo recreates the typical suspicion that governments harness towards scientists and intellectuals. Both of the entities possess a fair chance at manipulating their power to achieve unique in societies.
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Maddox, Tom. Halo. Kila, MN.: Kessinger Pub, 2004. Print. Read More
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