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The life of The Latin community in the USA / based on the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Essay Example

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Latin American community has been characterized by the increased instances of social inequality, which has played a key role in the in justices in Latin America. According to Díaz (1) the state has been accused of failing to protect the populace, something that has led to…
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The life of The Latin community in the USA / based on the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
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Download file to see previous pages This became the denotation of why Latin Americans need to be treated badly. Their presence in the North America was and is still somehow considered as a curse. In fact, they are commonly referred as ‘Fuku americanus’. However, Díaz believes that most of the people in the North America are descendants of the Latin Americans and that there is no need to isolate them. This is associated with the arrival of Fuku at Santo Domingo.
Nevertheless, although the story of Fuku is believed to be a ghost story, Díaz (2) argues that this is a real story that depicted the reality of people being eaten by Fuku. Even with such deliberations, the Latin Americans were considered good and harmless. Díaz (2) says that during those days, “Fuku had it good; it had a hypeman of sorts, a high priest”. Fuku, which is being associated with the Latin Americans, was also considered to be a holy being that even the learned could not dare talk ill of it because it could cause hurricane that would sweep their families out.
In the beginning of the book, Díaz (1) noted that the fuku arericanus (Latin Americans) were believed to come from Africa as slaves. In this regard, the notion of the Latin Americans being viewed as minority groups comes from the same assertion. Today, the descendants of the fuku arericanus have continued to practice their culture where the influence of dance, music and arts dominate the Latin Americans community. Nevertheless, the story of the Latin community is not clear and that is why Díaz (3) started by saying, “they say”, meaning that he is not certain of their origin. However, the fact is that this group has continued to dominate the Latin community and continued to form new world (Kanellos 328). Although the Latin community was considered minute in earlier days, currently statistics indicate that the community account to around 16 percent of the US population. This has made the community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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