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My English skills - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "My English skills" tries to identify a major event and a series of smaller events that strongly affected the way he feels about himself as a writer. Enthusiasm and determination fuel the capability to soar to great heights of communicating in English…
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My English skills
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Extract of sample "My English skills"

My English skills
When I was young, my vocabulary and English skills were not impressive. My English teacher in primary school told me that I will not get good grades in my English courses. I could not stand what she said and I dedicated myself to set a goal for improving my English skills by intense reading and leaning. In my bid to increase my knowledge in English, I strived to get acquainted with all necessary skills that will propel me to the heights of English language. I took English as a Second Language where we wrote text analysis and literature narrative. In these lessons and portfolios, I was taught on how to efficiently present my ideas and communicate messages in a clear manner. It had been a difficult task for me as I was an international student. It was not my joy to watch my colleagues advancing their education by being facilitated by their ability to communicate effectively in English. I put all necessary efforts by practicing what we were taught in class and making narrative notes. The verbal cues of communication and English learning were always at my reach. We gave a response of about 2 million minutes assignments. This was aimed at increasing our capability to respond to emergency issues in English. I was a good team player in all assignments that required group participation.
My enthusiasm and determination fueled my capability to soar in great heights of communicating in English. I periodically consulted our teachers to seal my loopholes that emanate in every new tactic taught in English. It was not a shot journey as I had to overcome many challenges in shaping our capabilities of communicating in English (Onyx, 2010). Some professors, who are fully cognizant of the onus ahead of us, have not been considering that English is not our first language. They have been talking too fast and using deep vocabularies that serve to scare us instead of increasing our morale in leaning the new language. The assistant teacher has been helping us to understand the difficult situation that we face in learning English language (Onyx, 2010).
Onyx W.T., (2010),  Communication Skills: A Modern Approach. New Delhi: Global India Pub. Press Read More
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