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Marijuana is the third most recreational and common illegal drug which is used worldwide. Legalizing of marijuana is depicted as one of controversial issue that is prevalent around the globe. The consumption of marijuana can create…
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"About any topic"

Download file to see previous pages But modern research suggests that the legalization can create positive impact on the economic and medical system of a country. Scientifically it has been proved that the use of marijuana is less dangerous than that of alcohol, aspirin and tobacco. Scarce law enforced for the consumption of marijuana resulted in to loss of billions of dollars. But the regulation and legalizing of marijuana can help to boost the economic growth rate of a country and decrease the crime rate. This research paper will analyze and discuss about the optimum benefits for legalization of marijuana in United States.
The proper term of marijuana is cannabis sativa. Since the year 1937, the discovery of leaf has created huge controversy about its legalization. The positive impact of marijuana towards economic and medical structure of a country surpasses its negative influence. Strict laws adopted to restrict the consumption of marijuana by United States Government. Research suggests the medical importance of marijuana. Marijuana helps to reduce nausea, vomiting and reduce stress of struggling life of human beings. In United States, $5 billion spend each year to restrict people using marijuana. The humongous amount of money spend is equivalent to the 1 % GDP of United States. The medical benefit of legalization of marijuana cannot be denied. Marijuana can help to treat nausea during the time of cancer chemotherapy, Crohn’s disease, muscle spasms, seizure disorders and poor appetite. Marijuana can help to the health of lungs and reduce effect of tobacco. In January 2012, researchers of American Medical association published that the use of marijuana can help to increase the capacity of lungs. Tobacco smoking can dismantle the function of lungs but consumption of marijuana can raise the capacity of lungs. A study published in the year 2003 shows that marijuana can help to prevent epileptic seizure. Marijuana can also help to prevent eye disease called glaucoma. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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