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The issue of legalizing illegal drugs has attracted a heated debate in the past decades. There are many issues revolving around the issue. …
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Legalization of Drugs
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"Legalization of Drugs"

Download file to see previous pages However, before entering to the discussion about whether these drugs need to be legalized or not, it is necessary first to understand what drugs are. According to Gottfried, (2010), drugs are chemical components that are taken by individuals and have effect on how body works or functions. However, not all drugs are unsuitable. Medicines are legal drugs, but they help fight diseases and help the body function better. Nonetheless, some drugs are illegal. These are drugs that are addictive and have negative effects on human beings. Rationale of society and drugs The issue of legalizing drugs draws mixed reactions because different cultures have different views regarding the use and significance of these drugs. For example, some societies believe that the use of some drugs like marijuana has some spiritual significance attached to it (Gottfried, 2010). Cultures like Rasta movement popularly practiced in Jamaica believe that using marijuana is holy and has no harm using it. They believe that since marijuana is herb created by God and has the capability to make one feel high, should be legalized. On the other hand, some people highly believe in use of these drugs as a recommendation from traditional medicine men and women who recommend them to their patients. example, “Marijuana, is said to have important therapeutic effects and its seeds are highly nutritious” (Gottfried, 2010, 28). However, this has been met with considerable controversy. “Marijuana has been said to relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms occasioned by such illnesses as cancer and HIV/AIDS” (Aquino, 2005, 1). ...
It is crucial to note that even if some researches indicate such importance of marijuana, it should be only used under directions of a qualified medical practitioner. Proponents’ of view on legalization of illegal drugs Proponents of legalization of illegal drugs argue that legalizing drugs is the only solution to win the war against these drugs. It is true that the war against illegal drugs is an expensive undertaking. According to Worth, (2010), it involves expensive training of police officers and other agents in the war against drugs. In fact, proponents argue that the government can make large sums of revenue from the sale of these drugs instead of wasting a lot of resources to fight the same business that would otherwise benefit it. They believe this is the war the government can not win because dealers of these drugs invent new strategy to evade police arrest every new day. At the same time, they claim that if these drugs are legalized, many people will make money by involving themselves in the drug business. Charles, (2008) noted that “this goes hand in hand with the idea that drugs encourage and attract criminal activities” (43). To counteract this, the proponents of legalizing these drugs argue that people engage in criminal activities due to unemployment and idleness (Gottfried, 2010). It is surprising how they argue that drug use is a personal decision, and it involves the life of the user. They argue that those that take these drugs have personal benefits accrued from these drugs. Some cite the importance of leisure, which is obtained from these drugs, and they argue that “all people have a right to choose the kind of leisure to have from the available choices” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legalizing drugs
He claims Mexico and US responses to the violence (i.e. more troops, police and increased boarder control) are ineffective at dealing with the ‘drug issue’ because drug prohibition is the cause of the violence, e.g. it drives the drug market underground.
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Legalization of Drugs
Student name Instructor name Course name Date Legalization of Drugs Legalizing marijuana is a concept that is growing in popularity. Proponents claim that it does society more harm than good to incarcerate people for a fairly harmless substance and is hypocritical for alcohol and tobacco to be legal because these substances are, too, physically addictive and deadly.
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Legalization of Drugs: Causes and Effects
One such controversial topic is the legalization of drugs; though marijuana is the most common drug often fought for to be legalized, this issue addresses all drugs. Drugs have long since proven to be dangerous to the mental, emotional, and physical qualities of individuals, which is why they are illegal throughout the United States and in many other countries. However, in recent years, the protests in favor of legalizing drugs have strengthened, with proponents claiming that legalizing drugs can cause a decrease in drug use and an increase in the world economy.
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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Browne and Milgram 2009 noted that as businesses operations become complex and competition stiffer day by day, many organisations have resorted to utilisation of CSR in order to develop and maintain competitive advantage. Nevertheless, in the process of developing competitive advantage, some organisations fail to grasp the real meaning of CSR.
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Additionally, management skills from foreign investors are implemented to the host country. Foreign direct investments (FDI) have been viewed as the best financing tool in the emerging markets. As stated above, emerging markets create new technologies which can increase productivity and create new jobs in the host country.
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Legalization of drugs Term Paper
Is it a wise idea to approach the country with such a measure There are strong arguments both for and against this issue. The side that is for legalization states the benefits that both the government and the individuals using the drugs could get. For instance, the government could tax the drugs, and the drugs would have to follow FDA guidelines, just like cigarettes and alcohol.
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Legalization of drugs
While a few years ago there would be very few who would support the legalization of drugs in any form, in today's time, there is a strong wave of public opinion supporting the legalisation of drugs in some form or the other. Recent polls show this trend. A poll in Rhode Island which showed that 71% of respondents supported legalization of all drugs and 26% supported legalization of drugs except for hard drugs. Only 1% favoured the current scenario to continue with only alcohol and tobacco being legal.
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Legalization of Drugs
The government must uphold its moral responsibility in protecting American citizens from clear and present dangers, which recreational drugs clearly pose.
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Legalization of Drugs
History provides evidence for this argument. “Violence was common in the alcohol industry when it was banned during Prohibition, but not before or after”. (Miron, 2009). Drug industry has always met with severe oppression and that is the cause
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Then the article goes ahead and looks into a brief history during the acquisition of the second language. Though the exact date is unclear but it was during the 70’s when people started learning English as their second
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Drug policies need to approach legalization
onsumption of drugs, but legalizing it might reduce large scale buying and selling across the borders, and the tendency of the young brigade to consume drugs in a random manner, yet it cannot be a tool to control the intake of harmful drugs. The debate of whether usage of drugs
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