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How has Modern advances changed welding technology since anicent times - Essay Example

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This process is conducted by the melting of work pieces and addition of filler material to form a weld pool which becomes a strong joint after cooling. Pressure and…
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How has Modern advances changed welding technology since anicent times
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"How has Modern advances changed welding technology since anicent times"

Download file to see previous pages It is a dangerous process and precautions must be taken in order to avoid electric shock, burns, vision damage, exposure to UV radiation, and inhalation of toxic fumes and gases. Welding process traces its historic development from the ancient times. Therefore, this paper will delve into the changes technology has made in welding from the ancient times to the present.
Welding traces its roots from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. During the Bronze Age, small round golden boxes were made by pressure welding of lap joints together. It is believed that these golden boxes were made over two thousand years ago. Currently, the golden boxes have been put on exhibition at the National Museum in Ireland. On the other hand, during the Iron Age, people from the Eastern Mediterranean and Egyptians learnt the art of welding pieces of iron together. They made tools and weapons using forge welding operations. The art of blacksmithing developed to a high degree during the Middle Ages period. Several tools and weapons made from iron were welded by hammering. Blacksmithing entails working with extremely hot steel, a hammer and an anvil to make items. After the steel has been heated, it becomes malleable making it easy to punch and twist. It is the twisting and punching that shapes the metal. After shaping, it is cooled to harden the shape. Sometimes it is taken back to the fire for reheating for further shaping and bending. While doing this, a blacksmith should use tongs handle the metals since they are extremely hot to be handled by bare hands.
The process of forging metals and blacksmithing was extremely dangerous. This is ascribed to the fact that the blacksmith’s fires can be very hot, and it is mandatory to stoke them constantly in order to maintain the high temperatures. Therefore, blacksmiths had to observe caution while working in order not to burn their bodies or places of work. Secondly, blacksmiths ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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