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Macbeth: A persuasive speech in which Macduff rallies his troops prior to the final battle - Essay Example

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At this moment, as we proceed against the army of the one who shattered all bonds of kinship and loyalty, I do not expect anyone of you to be…
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Macbeth: A persuasive speech in which Macduff rallies his troops prior to the final battle
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Extract of sample "Macbeth: A persuasive speech in which Macduff rallies his troops prior to the final battle"

Download file to see previous pages I want to let you know of all the reasons as to why we will surely win and bring the tyrannical rule of Macbeth to an end.
Friends, I am the one who saw it all with his very own eyes. I was very much present at Macbeth’s castle at Inverness, when that disloyal and wicked person led me to the bloody remains of our true and just king Duncan, whom he had killed in cold blood. He believed that we will all be foolish enough not to be able to see through the story he created to hide his evil act. Friends I saw with my very own eyes the dead body of our true king Duncan, as he lay betrayed and murdered at the door of Macbeth, the one whom he dearly trusted and considered to be his own. By killing and murdering our worthy king Duncan, Macbeth also murdered much that we considered to be precious and dear. Macbeth committed the most evil act of killing his own king, a king who was just and true and was loved by his subjects. By doing so he betrayed the will of God and the sentiments of the people of Scotland. By killing Duncan Macbeth also betrayed our ancient traditions and customs. We Scots are known for our hospitality and our custom of protecting and safeguarding our guests. Yet, Macbeth shattered this ancient trust and custom, to kill Duncan as he resided under his roof, under his care and protection. By murdering Duncan Macbeth also betrayed the bonds of blood. Everybody knows that Macbeth happened to be a kinsman of Duncan. Hence, this evil and foolish person, the one who at present sits secure on the throne of Scotland by shattering the bonds of loyalty, hospitality and kinship, deserves to be brought down and punished for his wicked acts. Friends, be assured that God will not forgive Macbeth for all the bad things he did to usurp the throne of Scotland. Today as our army stands ready to march against him, determined to bring down the one who killed his one true King and kinsman, the blessings and strength of God happen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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