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Cell phone health risk - Essay Example

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The use of mobile phone has increased immensely in the modern world, and the debate over whether the use of cell phones pose any health risks to the users, has refused to go away (Kesari et al., 187). With this debate continuing to be the basis of numerous recent studies, more…
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Cell phone health risk
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Download file to see previous pages h the exposure of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to human and other organisms, which releases microwave energy that goes into the users hands and head (Szmigielski and Sobiczewska, 353).
The EMFs are scientifically known to affect and induce biochemical changes in plants. Further, the exposure to the microwave energy released by the cell phones right on the side of the head has raised concern of a possible change of health status for humans. Nevertheless, other studies have indicated that the levels of exposure to the microwaves are relatively low, such that they may not pose serious health risk to the cell phone users. The findings by the United States Government Accountability Office have concluded that the scientific studies undertaken so far have not shown any adverse effect of the exposure to the Radio-Frequency (RF) energy from the use of mobile phone (GAO, 1). Thus, the major question that arises is; does the use of cell phones pose any adverse health risks to the users?
The fact that cell phones emits Radio-Frequency (RF) energy, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by the tissues close to where the cell phone is placed is not in contention (LaBerge, 30). However, the point of dispute has been the level of the Radio-Frequency (RF) energy that is released, and its potential to influence the health of the user adversely. One theory has however been developed in regard to why the scientific studies undertaken that far have not been able to prove that there is adverse effects on human health associated with the use of cell phones. According to a scientist, Dr. Devra Davis, the major reason why such research has not been able to prove the relationship between mobile phone use and the development of cancer, is because the development of cancer takes an average of 10 years of mobile phone use to show (LaBerge, 30).
Furthermore scientists have observed that the amount of the Radio-Frequency (RF) energy released by a cell phone devise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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