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Trust between a child and his caregiver - Essay Example

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They learn from what they see and hear. It is the surrounding that equips them with either good or bad habits. Parents are also a kind of caregiver as a child spends most of his time with them. It can be evidenced from personal experiences…
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Trust between a child and his caregiver
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Download file to see previous pages This paper aims to highlight that once the trust between a child and his caregiver is broken then it becomes difficult to earn that trust back.
Whatever the children see, notice, and hear they adopt it and store it in their minds. Therefore the factor of trust is crucial one between a child and a caregiver. Children are good observers; they carefully notice and observe what is happening around them. They often catch what we say and store them in their mind. The case of Christopher from the text is a good example of this relationship between a child and his caregiver i.e. his father. The case of Christopher is not an ordinary one, he needs more attention and care than other children as he has some issues and his brain does not work properly. He lives with his father who is not happy with his habit of eating everything and pooping on the floor or anywhere. While Christopher is trying to build trust between him and his father, his father tells him something astonishing. He tells him that he had murdered someone and that he lied to him. However, his father wants Christopher to trust him now. Christopher calculates in his mind that since he lied to him already and he had murdered someone, therefore, he might murder Christopher as well and he should not trust him. Thinking in this manner led Christopher to plan an escape from the house as he is frightened of being murdered (Haddon).
Just like Christopher, we had a neighbor who had two children. The parents used to go to office while caregiver looked after them and used to pick and drop them from their school. One afternoon on their way back from the school the caregiver accidentally hit on a pole. Children were frightened, although no one was injured. Despite of being with him and travelling with him for more than 1.5 years, the children never drove with him again because they did not trust him anymore and were frightened like Christopher.
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