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Individuals’ desire to move ahead in life is a constraint due to a number of reasons. For instance, people lack the skills required to carry out certain tasks…
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Essay 3: the American Dream
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"3: the American Dream"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, there are reasons for failure in meeting the targets of the American Dream. In my opinion, it is significant to illustrate that the American Dream demands much concern to help improve the economy. Reasonably, individuals need to ensure they work harder to meet their needs.
The American Dream refers to the state where by individuals and occupants of several organizations believe in hard work to help make boost the economy of the world. Most of the American business industries desire to ensure that there are extra and unique ways of improving performance of the country. According to The American Dream, competition is a necessity to the enhancement of knowledge and instituting current equipment for high tech production. Increasing finances of the government is the prime motive for adopting the American Dream.
To achieve certain goals, a number of the prominent beings within the society require stabilizing in the activities they perform. Failure to meet the objectives of the American Dream is because of diverse circumstances. The flow of profits determines the amount of resources distributed in various parts. Secondly, the wealth making of a country deters other people from participating in accomplishing the goals under the American Dream. Additionally, the social equality in a particular area articulates mistaken belief of the set objectives. Further, the set norms of the society have an impact on the set objectives (especially, in a region where women have to remain at home while the men need to work). Cultural believes affect operations by people of the opposite gender (The American Dream).
There are several other reasons leading to changed impression on the subject of completing goals. First, there is a lack of necessary equipment, especially in the business firms. Insufficient equipment hinders manufacturing of more products to the outside people. This (less product manufacturing) leads ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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