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There is a significant academic difference in Emirates National School, that is the school I graduated from, and my current school Umass Lowell in terms of the academic and teaching style…
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Academic differences
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Academic differences What would it be like to change the way you used to learn and study since you were a kid? There is asignificant academic difference in Emirates National School, that is the school I graduated from, and my current school Umass Lowell in terms of the academic and teaching style. I have noted several differences in learning process ranging from teaching style to individual initiative to learn by students. Critical assessment of various learning aspects in my current school and Emirates National School shows a great competency gap and this forms my basis of discussing this subject. In regard to various factors that promote learning, it is evident that the standard in Umass Lowell is relatively better than my former school. It is also worth to note that age factor is important in explaining the differences observed.
A comparative personal assessment in terms of effort put towards private study shows a big difference between my current learning and previous school. Back in Emirates National School I put very little effort towards studying since I simply attended classes and after that went back home to have fun with age mates. Even in the evening I could not spare some time to go through my notes and refresh my mastery of the class work unless there was a test. This could be explained by my childish mentality which had little knowledge of the importance of learning. Besides, workload was very small that I had little stress over homework and possible underperformance at the end of the term. In Umass Lowell, it is a different case since I am virtually occupied throughout the week. I am committed to attaining and maintain better results, and this means I revise my class work every day and preview notes for the next class. I am now aware of the significance of my education and am focused to achieve the highest available grade. In Umass Lowell, I lack time to relax as I used to do in my former school since my studying schedule is tight till into the night. It is worth noting that in my former school, competition was low as most of us took learning for granted and had not learnt of the significance of private study. In my current school, the opposite is true since competition is very stiff, and one has to go the extra mile of private study and extensive revision to keep up with the pace. Any attempt to relax may compromise ones grades and even attract academic warning and in extreme cases discontinuation.
The curricular structure of Umass Lowell is more comprehensive and organized to initiate hard work amongst the teaching staff and the learners while curricular structure of Emirates National School is fairly weak and promotes laziness. The teaching staff is strict on assignments and closely monitors the individual performance of each student. In my former school, I used to do homework without giving it much attention as there was no strict follow up by the teachers and termly performance analysis. An overall comparative rating of the two learning institutions puts Umass Lowell ahead of my former school in Emirates National School.
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