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Nature love - Essay Example

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Apart from its conventional hackneyed denotation in terms of ‘love affair’ or a happy-ever-after story between handsome princes and princesses of a faraway land, to me, romance serves as the spirit of love’s adventure that can transcend time and several wearisome…
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Nature love
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"Nature love"

Download file to see previous pages I plainly believe, on this ground, that one such element of huge significance is romance – a mystical fuel or driving force within what constitutes the essence of love yet which possesses distinct character that enables us to distinguish one relationship from the other.
During the late 18th century, the principle of Romanticism came to be ascertained not as a style or method in art but an attractive influence which, by virtue of deep imagination, passionate emotion, and freedom of expression altogether functions as chief inspiration to an artist and his composition. Even literature and music flourished in the Romantic period which brought the modern generation to understand how one field as music bears ample association with other fields that may be related to literary work, painting, or sculpture. Apparently, the inclination of a human being to be romantic and become naturally self-aware to create and appreciate objects of wonder has directed man to establish more affinity with nature both in oneself and in the environment. I think the painting “Mrs. Thomas Gage, 1771” by John Singleton Copley with its viewer’s response exemplifies the meaning of interaction between art and human sentiment. Based on Copley’s endeavor, the theme of romance is quite evident in the eyes of Mrs. Gage whose tranquil countenance looks drawn or disposed to either a sight of interest somewhere or a thought of awe which then reflects at length via her calm pose and facial expression. She seems to be in a state of beauty that is fulfilled not just by the physical attributes but, to a greater extent, even by the projected effect of inner peace that might have dwelt within her as a consequence of an enduring love. Thus, this should justify a situation of romance for her radiant illustration by Copley communicates the meaning of her intimacy with love, nature, intellect, and contemplative behavior.
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