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Personality: Combination of Nature and Nurture - Literature review Example

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This paper "Personality: Combination of Nature and Nurture" discusses personality that is one of the most interesting aspects of a human being. People working in the field of psychology are intrigued by the different natures and behavior of people…
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Personality: Combination of Nature and Nurture
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Extract of sample "Personality: Combination of Nature and Nurture"

Download file to see previous pages The fact that people cannot control their behavior shows that there are many aspects of the mind that work ‘behind the scenes’ and control the personality pattern of a person. This fact encouraged psychologists to find out what really forms the personality of a person. The research into the root cause of personality has revealed that personality is not just a result of the mental and emotional pattern of a person, but is also based on the biological factors of a person. However, to avoid this fact getting misused by selfish and misguided leaders like Hitler, who was capable of using the biological data to eliminate other groups by asserting the alleged superiority over them, the psychologists shied away from studying and discussing the biological basis of personality for much of the twentieth century (Engler, 2009, 261). However, contemporary researches in psychology have proven beyond doubt that biological factors are the basis for many of the personality characters (Engler, 2009, 261). This revelation has also led to the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate. However, researches in the field of psychology have revealed that personality is influenced by biological factors like genes and heredity. As it is the biological factors that decide how a person will react to the environmental factors, accepting the role of biological factors in the development of personality will be beneficial for people as it will help them in developing a positive personality by understanding the genetic make-up and shaping the personality accordingly.

The personality of a human being is a combination of various aspects of human beings. Hence, it is complex and difficult to define it. Cattell (1950), when studying personality, formed a tentative but appropriate definition of personality (Engler, 2009, 287). He defined personality as a part of a human being “that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation” (Engler, 2009, 287).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personality: Combination of Nature and Nurture Literature Review.
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