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Why does Ronny get upset in this chapter How does Aziz act toward him and why How does Ronny respond and why In this scene, trace the cause-effect sequence in the changing feelings of Aziz, Ronny, and Fielding - Essay Example

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He was brought up in an open-minded outlook, but gradually it gives its way to a suspicious attitude to the Indians. His opinions, feel and his manners of speaking also have undergone lots of changes like that of the old…
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Why does Ronny get upset in this chapter How does Aziz act toward him and why How does Ronny respond and why In this scene, trace the cause-effect sequence in the changing feelings of Aziz, Ronny, and Fielding
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"Why does Ronny get upset in this chapter How does Aziz act toward him and why How does Ronny respond and why In this scene, trace the cause-effect sequence in the changing feelings of Aziz, Ronny, and Fielding"

Download file to see previous pages “Then he hurried to Fielding, drew him aside and said with pseudo –heartiness, “ I say , old man , do excuse me , but I think perhaps you oughtn’t to have left Miss Quested alone .” ( chapter 7). Aziz’s was rude and irritable at the time.
The chapter illustrates the difference in the attitude of the Aziz, Fielding and Ronny visibly. Aziz never considers western cultural knowledge as a valuable one . The comments about the post impressionistic school reveal this fact. Thus it jerks their friendship deeply. Aziz is presented as a typical Indian of that time. Foster scrutinize the Indian status and Anglo Indian relations in chapter seven . For all the character India is a ‘muddle’. Fielding’s opinion reveals the proper intention of the colonial regime, to implicate England on Indian land without thinking that the traditions cannot be changed. When Ronny is presented as a typical English man who fuses himself strongly to the environment, Fielding represents an idea of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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