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Firstly there is no sure shot guarantee that the mole in the company will provide them with a copy of the exact and original proposal. Secondly it is totally against to code of ethics to…
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Discussion feedback
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Discussion feedback Henry should not go for the offer because this action would be unethical in its essence. Firstly there is no sure shot guarantee that the mole in the company will provide them with a copy of the exact and original proposal. Secondly it is totally against to code of ethics to exploit the vulnerabilities of the company by going in the wrong way. Henry should work on his proposal and should make it so strong that all the chances of losing the proposal are minimized.
If I were in Lisa’s place I would have explained the top hierarchy about the real situation in the company and would have asked for more time. Instead of wasting a million dollar deal it’s far more ethical and better than to take more time whether it costs some minute amount of money in the projects. I would have told the presidents that the inflammable polymer is still not produced and we need more resources and time. I will also explain the president in the report that the people and management are working hard to get the required material and there is no lack in performance so far.
If I were in the place of Veronica, I would have talked to George individually and told him that he was not the only one responsible for all the mess that happened and now they should agree on the terms and start working on the project again. I would have given a redesigned plan and talked to different sponsors especially the local university partners in order to give us another chance. After that I would have urged George to come and call another meeting in which hall the plans will be set for the future. There is no point in leaving the project. Problems come in every project.
I would have told Gail that there is a need to slash out the budgets more apart from the paper less work environments and teleconferencing because these things are really minute and will not affect the savings of the organization optimally. I would have suggested her that there should be some costing depletion in the office equipments and any other things which she can sort out in order to save the money of the company. I would have told Gail that everyone has to play a role in this crisis situation to survive.
Gink’s actions are clearly against the set standard of ethics and if I would have been in the place of Linda, I would have talked to the upper management in order to investigate the matter by controlling my emotions in order to be professional. The matter seems to be marketing leak rather than a deliberate attempt but I would have asked the managers to clarify their position otherwise I would resign and not serve the company any more as I worked on this project days and nights.
Jane should clearly tell the fellow members that she was upset of their actions and she mailed it if the members come to know the reality. She should explain to them that there should be a separate time for full time fun but the workplace should be segregated from these things in order to increase productivity and time saving. She should also make them feel that she is one of their friends and she also enjoy what they share but there should be a certain time for this stuff. Read More
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