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However, the success of performance appraisals depends on the methods used during the appraisal. Improving performance appraisal involves using performance evaluation documents periodically throughout a specific period…
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Download file to see previous pages Employees like receiving feedback regularly hence it is very crucial for the manager to constantly provide feedbacks to the employees. Feedbacks help to solve problems before they become too complex (McKirchy 2008, 92).
Managers must engage the employees during evaluation of their performance. Managers must regularly talk to the employees throughout the year during the evaluation process. The engagement must be mutual aimed at reinforcing employees’ development. Improvement of performance appraisal also entails using employees’ self-appraisal before the performance appraisal. This makes performance discussion easier since both the employee and the manager have ideas of the forthcoming discussions.
According to Attorney (2007, 122), effective performance appraisal must trust the employees to perform the correct thing. Performance goals are critical in performance appraisal but the most important factor is how to set the goals. The manager must set goals in a way that trusts and reinforces employee’s ability to accomplish the set goals. Performance appraisal must support empowerment of employees and their ability to accomplish the necessary steps of accomplishing the set goals. The manager should implement the above five steps in order to improve the value of performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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