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Talk about Electrical Engineering - Essay Example

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Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering science that revolves around the issue of charges and their flow through conductor and semiconductor materials. This field of science had a breakthrough in the eighteen century when a clear distinction between magnetism and…
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Talk about Electrical Engineering
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Extract of sample "Talk about Electrical Engineering"

Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering science thatrevolves around the issue of charges and their flow through conductor and semiconductor materials. This field of science had a breakthrough in the eighteen century when a clear distinction between magnetism and electricity was established. Since then, numerous development in the field has been realized leading to the production of more sophisticated electrical devices. Until recently, the field has had limited number of subfields.
Currently, the field has received appreciation by various persons in numerous fields. For example, advances in electronics engineering, a subfield of electrical engineering has led to the development of more advanced communication devices such as mobile phones and automated machines used in the industries. The work revolves around research, development, installation and monitoring of various electrical engineering devices and equipment. In the recent past, technological breakthrough in material science field has led leading to the establishment of solid-state transistors, thus propelling the field into greater heights. Additionally, radio and laser technology, which has found numerous applications, have led to significant development in the production of various electrical devices and equipment (Markoff, 2012).
Electrical engineering degree courses usually run for five years in many universities across the globe. The same principles are taught in the various subfield with emphasis on specific concepts bringing forth the difference. Once graduated, individual are registered under certified unions, which usually air their views and assist them in fighting for their right, s in case they are violated. On the other hand, registered professionals are bound to abide to the codes of ethics, failure to which, they may be expelled or suspended which would consequently affect their jobs and work environment.
Markoff, J. (Feb 20, 2012). Engineers Take Aim at a Barrier in LED Technology. The New York Times. Retrieved on Nov 27, 2012 from Read More
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