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Monitoring of a Large Electrical Generators Activity - Research Paper Example

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The project discusses the activity of a large electrical generator used in power generation. The author monitored it continuously to fix the performance and the integrity of the device. He took into account the type of coolant and the insulator medium…
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Monitoring of a Large Electrical Generators Activity
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Extract of sample "Monitoring of a Large Electrical Generators Activity"

Download file to see previous pages To monitor the hydrogen flow in the coolant, a pressure machine is inserted in the inlet position to detect the amount of hydrogen that goes into the coolant and the amount of hydrogen that comes out. The machine is small enough to fit into the inlet while giving enough space for the hydrogen to flow without affecting its flow. There is also another reinforced fabrication at the end of the shield that is made to be able to accommodate the pressure that comes from the hydrogen gas used in the cooling.
There were four tests carried out, one at each coolant, which was then recorded. Every test is recorded to know the exact amount of hydrogen flowing into the coolant at any specific time. This test was repeated ten times to observe the consistency of the generator performance. It is important to note that the more time it takes to record the information, the more accurate it becomes since there is a rise in temperature as time goes on. To be more effective, each test is carried out at the same output load, meaning that the amount of current that is given out is kept constant without changing. This ensures that the information recorded is fair enough for the four coolants. Another important thing to be kept constant is the fuel supply during the test. For each coolant test, the fuel has to be maintained at the same rate so that there is no instance where the fuel is higher than in other parts resulting in more activity in one coolant as compared to the other coolants. In addition, all the coolants have to be in proper working conditions to ensure that there is no unsteady flow of the coolant due to a mechanical problem in any of the coolants. The following table represents the information on the amount of hydrogen coolant that was recorded to enter the coolants in a given minute. To monitor the frequencies, a microscopic computer controlled ticker timer was placed between the trips.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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