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One thing that I have learned over the years is that one may end up befriending a person whom at a first glance, one may find dissuading if not repulsive. I do remember one such friend, whom I thought I was never likely to befriend.
It was my first year at the High School. In a…
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Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships
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Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships of the English of the Concerned July 12, Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships
One thing that I have learned over the years is that one may end up befriending a person whom at a first glance, one may find dissuading if not repulsive. I do remember one such friend, whom I thought I was never likely to befriend.
It was my first year at the High School. In a way I was a bit excited about meeting a lot of new people and possibly finding some new friends. It was then that I met Jim. I must say that at the first instance, I found Jim a bit frustrating. He had a strange way of dressing up, which always conveyed the impression that perhaps no dress will ever fit on him. He had gawky looks and a deportation that positively brought him out as being outright silly if not a fool. I decided on the spot that this was the one person whom I will never befriend.
I had some serious issue at home and one day I was sitting under a tree outside the school during the recess. I was feeling awful and I must say that my eyes were certainly wet. Suddenly I turned back and saw Jim standing there. He said Hi to me and came and sat beside me. Surprisingly I felt comforted by his presence. We started to talk and it made me feel really better. Having a conversation with Jim turned out to be really alleviating and I realized that actually speaking, Jim was a real warm and sensitive person. Since, that day Jim became a close friend and a trusted confident. Our friendship matured and mellowed with time.
Jim was certainly not the smartest person I ever came across, but he had an amazing ability to bring in a lot of warmth, empathy and intimacy into the relationships. Read More
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